Boxcryptor partners with IPVanish VPN

Dez 02

Boxcryptor partners with IPVanish VPN

Secure your cloud and your connection!

We always keeps an eye out for new services and features that might be useful for our users. Therefore we are happy to announce that we now partner with IPVanish VPN. 

IPVanish VPN is the world’s leading provider of premium, high-performance VPN service.  With over 15 years of network management, IP services and content delivery services, IPVanish knows how to move vast quantities of data fast and securely.  IPVanish’s passion and goal is to bring customers worldwide the absolute best VPN service— the best speeds, the most secure connections, the best technical support and the most competitive pricing available anywhere.

When using IPVanish and Boxcryptor together, both the data that travels over the Internet and your files stored in the cloud will be encrypted and protected. 

And we want our users to benefit from this partnership: Only until the end of December, all visitors who include the discount code “Boxcryptor” at checkout, will get an exclusive 30% discount on the first three payment cycles of all IPVanish VPN subscriptions

To find out more about IPVanish VPN, visit 


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