We are excited to share that we are set to begin a new chapter with Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is acquiring our IP technology to embed natively into the Dropbox product, bringing end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to millions of business customers around the world. Check out our blog to find out more!

Boxcryptor Blog

Security – Cloud – Updates

Encryption Discussions, Tips and Tools

Read all about encryption, its purpose, and our view on current discussions. Since we provide an end-to-end zero knowledge encryption solution, you might have already guessed our standpoint on that topic.

Boxcryptor Audit

Independent Audit: Insights into the Source Code of Boxcryptor

Our encryption solution was audited by Kudelski, an independent cybersecurity provider. Read more about the results here.

Boxcryptor's New SSO (Single Sign-on)

Boxcryptor’s Single Sign-on with Zero-Knowledge Guarantee: This Is How It Works

Read how Boxcryptor’s new Single Sign-on (SSO) with zero knowledge guarantee works and also, how we implemented SCIM in our Enterprise cloud security solution.


The EARN IT Act of the USA - Trust Must Be Earned

Why is the EARN IT Act a threat to end-to-end encryption? We explain the strategy of the 4 senators and look at the implications.

What is Cryptomator | A Close Look at the Cloud Encryption Solution

What is Cryptomator? A Close Look at the Cloud Encryption Solution

Cryptomator and Boxcryptor currently are the most popular encryption solutions for cloud storage. We give an overview of what exactly the solution does and how it compares to Boxcryptor.

OneDrive Personal Vault

How Secure is Microsoft’s OneDrive Personal Vault?

Find out how secure this new storage location is, how the data is encrypted, and from what the Personal Vault can and cannot protect your data.

iPhone Backups in iCloud

iCloud Backups Are Not Encrypted End-to-end: The Problem, a Solution, and the FBI’s Role in It

iCloud backups are enabled by default on iPhones, but are not encrypted end-to-end. We tell you what to do now.

Data Privacy in Healthcare

Data Collection Frenzy of the German Health Ministry – We Criticize the Plans of our Minister of Health

Robert Freudenreich, CTO of Boxcryptor: “I find it irresponsible to introduce a law into the Bundestag that would encroach so deeply on the rights of patients without providing a security strategy.”

Boxcryptor Product Update Android September 2019

Product News Boxcryptor for Android – Offline Files Now Available

Product News Boxcryptor for Android: The latest release of Boxcryptor for Android provides a new feature to the popular encryption software, our users asked for – encrypted files can now be made available offline.