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Boxcryptor Updates February 2017 (Summary)

Our latest Boxcryptor Updates in Jan 2017 | Dec 2016

In this new regular roundup we want to share with you what we have been working on lately at Boxcryptor. Some changes you might have noticed, others are small but improvements to the overall performance of your encryption solution. Feel free to jump to the operating systems you are using, or check out what we are up to on other platforms.


03 SaveFileAsEncrypted EN

  • Microsoft Office integration: The biggest change in the last two months on Windows was our MS Office 2013+ integration. From now on, when you are logged in with a Microsoft account, you can add Boxcryptor to your list of places. This way you can open and safe Boxcryptor files in MS Office quicker and more conveniently. Additionally, we made major improvements of the performance of Boxcryptor with MS Office, speeding all processes up even more.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive added a sync client to their cloud service and we added auto detection for Boxcryptor for Windows. Therefore, you can now use Boxcryptor for Windows to encrypt your data on Amazon Cloud Drive. A workaround with the Portable is not necessary anymore.
  • New auto detection: hubiC.
  • Work offline: From now on, we provide you with a safe solution to work with Boxcryptor in hostile environments. When you try to use Boxcryptor with an unsecure connection, Boxcryptor will give you a warning to prevent somebody interfering with your connection. If you see this warning, from now on, you will be able to go on working offline. This way, you stay protected, but we do not interfere with your workflow.

Windows NoSecure EN

Note: Since one of our latest updates, we do not support Windows XP and Windows Vista anymore. The reason: These versions are not supported by Microsoft anymore, either. Therefore, for security reasons, we recommend you to update to a newer operating system as soon as possible.


We updated the certificates used for certificate pinning that protects you from man-in-the-middle attacks. As on Windows, you can now use Boxcryptor for macOS to protect your data on Amazon Cloud Drive. You can add this provider manually under Locations. A workaround with the Boxcryptor Portable is not necessary anymore.


With our last Android updates we improved our support of the cloud provider Orange Cloud. If you use Orange Cloud and have not done so already, please, remove and add your account again. Also we fixed some issues with downloads at Box and hubiC.

With our next updates for Android there will be some nice new features, so stay tuned.


iOS take photo search in folders

The last updates of the iOS version brought:

  • Search in folders: We added this new feature to allow you to search for files in folders. And, yes, we know, most of you would love to have a search option for the whole Boxcryptor drive, not just in single folders. However, this is much more complicated and would mean that we would have to give ourselves more permissions on your machine. Be assured, if there ever is a good solution to allow search everywhere, we will be on it.
  • Photos in Boxcryptor: From now on you will be able to take photos directly within the Boxcryptor app.
  • Recent activities/third party apps: We also improved the display of recent activities and the way you can open and edit files in third party apps.
  • Additionally: We added support for SharePoint Online, some new icons and had some UI improvements. For all Yandex users: Please re-add your account, since we improved Yandex support as well.


After our extensive update of the Boxcryptor Portable in September, we mainly did performance improvements in the last two months:

  • We fixed the create account screen and fixed download problems at hubiC and Box
  • We improved general speed of the app and fixed a bug that caused the context menu to sometimes not appear.
  • Additionally, we fixed issues with running Boxcryptor Portable on USB Sticks.
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