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Data Privacy Podcasts 2019 (in German) in Comparison
Lisa Figas | Marketing Manager
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Data Privacy – The Best Podcasts in German 2019

There are two factions at Boxcryptor. Some love YouTube and follow the topics they are interested in there. The others swear by podcasts. I belong – quite clearly – to the podcast faction. I enjoy listening to the latest episodes of my favorite podcasters while cooking or on the go. I search for all topics that interest me in the podcast apps.

There, I also searched with the keyword Datenschutz (German for data privacy) and – together with the Boxcryptor team – listened through many podcasts. Here is my list of the best privacy podcasts.

28-9 Podcast Dr-Datenschutz

Dr. Datenschutz Podcast (monthly)

Selected topics:

  • Order processing contract
  • Adhortatory letter
  • Clerical data privacy

The lawyers Melanie Ludolph and Cornelius von Cramm call their podcast Dr. Datenschutz the “Boulevard of Data Privacy”. I think that's very apt, because in a relaxed dialogue they talk moodily about the respective topics and also add anecdotes from their clients – anonymously, of course. For more in-depth analyses, please refer to the (great) blog

Yasmin from Boxcryptor:

I noticed the podcast mainly because the two laugh a lot together. So the (often) difficult topic of data protection gets a certain lightness, which I personally feel is a refreshing change. Data protection can also be fun...

Tip: An article on the subject of data protection appears daily on Often, the authors refer to brand-new topics. These articles also appear in the daily Newsletter. I can therefore only recommend that you subscribe to it.

Podcast website:

28-9 Podcast Rechtsbelehrung

Rechtsbelehrung (monthly)

Selected topics:

  • Data privacy through paternalism?
  • Virtual householder’s rights
  • Terms and conditions

The team of the Rechtsbelehrung podcast includes the journalist Marcus Richter and the specialist lawyer for IT law Thomas Schwenke. The two always invite different guests to talk about legal topics. Thus, each series of the Rechtsbelehrung has its own emphasis.

This podcast is distinguished from all others by the fact that a layman asks the questions. Therefore, Marcus Richter moves very much along the reality of the listeners' lives. Thomas Schwenke and the guests then place the question in a legal context. This leads to the fact that really everyone can take something out of the individual episodes of Rechtsbelehrung.

Andrea from Boxcryptor:

Sometimes the conversation digresses a bit and then it is discussed intensively, whether data piracy is punishable if the information has already been leaked by someone else in the past (as happened in the famous so-called Bundestag hack 2019, in Germany). I think that's great – and very varied!

This podcast does not deal exclusively with data protection, but it does so very often. Because the format and content are so recommendable, we've included the Rechtsbelehrung in our list of the best privacy podcasts.

Tip: I personally thought at first that criminal law was completely uninteresting for me, but even from this episode I was able to take something with me. For example, now I have a better understanding of the difference between murder and manslaughter and as a consequence, I can classify news about court cases better.

Podcast website: Rechtsbelehrung

28-9 Podcast Datenschutz-Guru

Datenschutz-Guru - der Podcast (monthly)

Selected topics:

  • Data protection officer (tasks and skills)
  • Storage time with video surveillance
  • Exceptions to information requirements

Stephan Hansen-Oest is a lawyer and specialist for IT law in Flensburg. This background becomes quite apparent in the podcast, because it is always focused on individual paragraphs and articles. Although Hansen East speaks very detailed about the individual laws and regulations, it never gets boring. And, although every episode of the Datenschutz- Guru is a long monologue – it is (with rare exceptions) a format without guests – this is by no means a disadvantage in this case. This podcast is dynamic and varied, so that the (apparently) dry topic of data protection is conveyed in an entertaining way.

Lisa from Boxcryptor:

I remembered especially positively that Stephan Hansen-Oest preceded one of his series with a spontaneous and strong statement contra new-right-movements in Germany.

Tip: It's best to look through all the episodes of this podcast and then download the programmes that match your own focus of interest.

Podcast Website: Datenschutz Guru.

28-9 Podcast Datenwache

Die DATENWACHE - einfach sicher im Internet (bi-weekly)

Selected topics:

  • Phishing
  • Biometry
  • Malware

Dr. Michael "Mitch" Symalla is a data protection officer and expert for privacy on the Internet. In his podcast, he deals with specific topics such as data protection in fitness trackers. Although the topics are very technical, Symalla manages to explain them easily and comprehensibly. He not only explains the software and hardware itself, but also enriches his explanations with background information, e.g. on company policy.

The podcast Datenwache focuses on the topic of privacy and its target group are end users.

Jonas from Boxcryptor:

At the end of each episode there is a little tip on how to move around the Internet without leaving data traces. I like that.

Tip: You can also subscribe to a newsletter with further information and news about the podcast.

Podcast Website: Datenwache

28-9 Podcast Deutschlandfunk

Computer und Kommunikation – Deutschlandfunk (weekly)

Selected topics:

  • Date privacy
  • Open Source
  • digitalization

Computer und Kommunikation is a division of Deutschlandfunk, a public radio station in Germany. Once a week, a series on computers and communication is broadcasted on the radio. This series appears in the podcast feed, shortly after. Although the topic of data protection does not appear directly in the title, every episode of this podcast is about it at least once.

Of course, Deutschlandfunk offers excellent sound quality and high-quality produced content. However, when it comes to data protection, the editors find it difficult to maintain the style. Typical for Deutschlandfunk are the literary contributions and short radio plays, which make every series more varied. But in the area of computers there is simply not so much that fits. Personally, I found these elements annoying because they usually offer no added value in terms of content.

Nevertheless, there is a great recommendation from us for Computer und Kommunikation. The reason for this is that it is the only German-language podcast that interviews experts from science and authorities. All other podcasts invite lawyers to their shows. The guests at Computer und Kommunikation are a helpful addition because they have a completely different perspective on the topics.

Christian von Boxcryptor:

The expert interviews offer a great added value. This is the main reason I listen to the show.

Tip: Computer und Kommunikation offers a good overview of current topics from the field of digitization.

Podcast Website: Computer und Kommunikation

28-5 Podcasts Listening Alt

Listening to Podcasts

Whoever creates a podcast makes it available in a feed. Listeners can subscribe to this feed and receive each new episode automatically. This works best with so-called podcatchers. These are apps where you can follow your favourite podcasts. On iOS, in my opinion, Overcast is the best. Pocket Cast or Antennapod are recommended for Android.

7-1 Podcasts Listening EN

You can listen to podcasts on music streaming portals like iTunes or Spotify as well, or on special (mostly paid) audio platforms like Deezer and Audible Podcasts. Most podcasts are also offered for download or stream on the websites of the respective providers.

I personally use Overcast and simply listen to all downloaded episodes one after the other. From time to time I go through the list and delete topics I'm no longer interested in. This way I always have my private radio station with me, which is exactly tailored to my interests. Wonderful!

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