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Experience Business Encryption Software Live – The Boxcryptor Webinars

For all of you, who would like to see our encryption software Boxcryptor in practice, we offer a free live webinar in English and German every month. Our Technical Sales Manager Elizabeth Demireva will present the business versions Boxcryptor Company and Enterprise in the one-hour webinar.

Information About the Webinar

In this article we will give you all the necessary information about the webinars. In addition, we have already compiled the most frequently asked questions for you.

When does it take place?

The webinar is scheduled once a month in English and German. They are held on the same day at different times.

What Can I Expect?

In the webinar, you will be introduced to the User Interface of Boxcryptor. You can also expect a presentation of the Organization Interface in the application. How do I activate the master key? How do I synchronize the user directory via Active Directory? How do I create and manage groups with Boxcryptor? How do I create policies? And do I have an overview of user activities? These questions will be answered in our webinar. In addition, Elizabeth will show you how to set up your Boxcryptor enterprise account and introduce other various features. You will also learn how our encrypted file transfer Whisply works and what you can use Whisply for.

Will Microsoft Teams also be addressed?

The webinars will focus on different cloud topics: Sometimes Dropbox will be covered, on other days Google Drive or Microsoft 365. Of course, there will be time to ask questions at the end of the webinar. But we would like to answer the ten most frequently asked questions in this article already.


The webinar always takes place via Zoom. You will receive the invitation link from us by mail after the successful registration. You can register here.

Who Should Attend the Webinar?

The webinar is offered free of charge to anyone interested in our Boxcryptor Company or Enterprise plan.

A recording of it will then be available on our YouTube channel a few days later. In addition, everyone who was registered for the webinar will also receive a link to the recording afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages are supported in the Boxcryptor application? Boxcryptor is currently available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian versions.

Why do the files in the cloud have Asian characters? If your files suddenly appear with Asian characters, there is no need to worry. You probably opened the Dropbox or another cloud folder instead of the Boxcryptor drive. This is what filename encryption is supposed to do: It makes filenames unrecognizable so that no unauthorized persons can even look at the names of your files. Folder or filename encryption is optional, so you can turn it on if you want to protect not only the contents, but already the names of your files. You can also read more about this here.

Could you give us some information about the prices for a team of 5 users? On our website you can find a calculator to estimate the complete price of the Company license per month for any number of users starting from 5. For the Enterprise solution with 50 or more users, please contact our sales team directly. By the way, we have special discounts for NGOs and educational institutions.

Can I share encrypted documents with users outside the organization? Yes. If the recipient also has a Boxcryptor account, the following steps are required:

  1. Create a new unencrypted parent folder.
  2. Move the encrypted folder to the parent folder.
  3. Wait until the changes have been synced by your cloud provider.
  4. Right-click the encrypted folder → Boxcryptor → Manage Permissions.
  5. Add the groups or users you want to share the file or folder with and apply the changes.
  6. Wait until the changes have been synced by your cloud provider.
  7. Share the unencrypted parent folder in your cloud provider.

If recipients do not have a Boxcryptor account, you can use our in browser file transfer tool Whisply. However, Whisply is also already integrated into the Boxcryptor software, so this can be done without much effort.

What happens if Boxcryptor is down for a while? In this scenario, you can export your keys stored on our servers to a local key file. These exported keys can be used in combination with a local account. It does not require a connection to our servers. So even if Boxcryptor would be unavailable for a longer period, you would be able to access your files with Boxcryptor at any time. Instructions on how to export your keys can be found here. By the way, you do not need to export your keys to use our service without an internet connection. If you have logged in to your Boxcryptor account, you can easily use Boxcryptor offline. Your keys are already synchronized with your device.

What happens if an employee leaves the company? If an employee leaves the company, there is a Master Key included in the Company and Enterprise versions of Boxcryptor. The Master Key can be used to reset passwords and decrypt private keys of associated users of the company. As long as the Master Key policy is enabled, a company can ensure that it does not lose access to important data.

Can you edit encrypted files via the browser? No. Editing encrypted files in the browser (for example, via is not possible. Boxcryptor offers end-to-end encryption. The files are only made available locally on the users' end device. When accessing the cloud storage via a browser, you only see the encrypted files and cannot view the content.

How does the integration of back-up software work? In general, there is no restriction on the use of back-up software. Boxcryptor encrypts file-based, so single files are available. Whether the back-up should store the files encrypted or decrypted depends on the individual security requirements and configurations.

Where Can I Register Now?

If you would like to see how Boxcryptor works or still have questions, we would be glad if your register for our next Boxcryptor Webinar.

Free Webinar: How to Protect your Data with Boxcryptor

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