Backup and Sync by Google – What it is and How it Works with Boxcryptor
Friday, July 14, 2017

The new Backup and Sync by Google – What it is and How it Works with Boxcryptor

Google released the new desktop app Backup and Sync for Windows and Mac this week. It replaces the previous Google Drive client and adds a new backup functionality – if enough cloud storage is available and if users want to use this new solution. The new tool is for private use, commercial users will get their version later this year.

Some of our users already contacted us, asking if we support Backup and Sync, if any changes in the Boxcryptor software are necessary and if they have to take any extra steps. Well, we have good news for you: Boxcryptor is running as expected with the new Google client, no changes and no data-migration is needed. Let us show you how easy is to install and use the new Backup and Sync and where you have to be careful if privacy and the protection of your data is your priority.

The New Backup and Sync: Installation and Configuration

There is no need for a deinstallation of Boxcryptor if you want to install Backup and Sync. However, we advice you to quit Boxcryptor before you install Backup and Sync.

The handling is easy: first, install the software. If you already have Google Drive, it will be updated and replaced. Log in with your Google account and you are ready to use it.

Please remember, if installing from scratch, you have to link your cloud provider once in Boxcryptor.


We will provide you with a quick walked-thru for the configuration. There are three sections which you have to review and revise: Computer, Google Drive and Settings.

Google Loves Data – Caution With Automatic Folder Selection

In the options pane under computer you can select the folder which will be backed up. Be careful here, because these three folders are selected by default: Desktop, Documents and Pictures. If you do not want to allow Google to get all your data from your Desktop, you should de-select these folders and add them later (if desired).

If you want to automatically back up folders or the Desktop then you can select and add them here. The options for photos, quality, USB devices and Google Photos can be changed here as well.

Backup and Sync Backup Teil

Under the Google Drive section (below Computer) you can find good old Google Drive. Here you can selectively select or de-select the folders you want to synchronize. Everything that is inside this folder will be synchronized with all your other devices, such as your smartphone or tablet. Backed-up files like the Desktop or the Documents folder will, however, not be available on your other devices, only on your desktop and in your cloud.


Under the Options section one can set the Internet bandwidth used by the software, add more cloud storage, or unlink your Google account.


Boxcryptor and Google Backup and Sync

Because the Desktop and the Documents folder are outside Google Drive, they will be not automatically detected by Boxcryptor and, therefore, will not be encrypted. Consider to keep working only with the Boxcryptor drive – because only this drive is coupled with the Google Drive folder.

That’s it. You can use Boxcryptor and Google Drive as you are used to, and also backup your Desktop or documents (or more) to Google, if you want to.

View in the Boxcryptor drive

View in Google Drive

If you want to encrypt your desktop and documents folder as well, Boxcryptor allows you to do that already. Just add them as a new location in Boxcryptor. However, this is different from Backup and Sync, because you can only work with your desktop and documents folder in the Boxcryptor drive, if you want the data to be encrypted. Also, the location will not be synchronized to your cloud, your data will only be encrypted on your device. If you want to backup your data to the cloud with encryption, you still have to add it to the Google Drive folder.

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