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Jonathan Zimmermann | Marketing Manager
Friday, December 7, 2018

It’s a Match – the iOS Files app and Boxcryptor like each other

In a recent blogpost we have mentioned the new iOS Files app for the first time. But we think it is time for us to tell the whole story of this extraordinary match between the Files app and Boxcryptor.

It all started with a picture

As we pointed out in the above-mentioned blogpost, it is not possible to display previews of encrypted pictures (or videos), usually. But we also pointed out how to do this nevertheless: the iOS Files app.
On iOS devices it is possible to display previews (thumbnail) of images and videos that are encrypted with Boxcryptor by making use of the new Files app – after you have already opened the file once and the Files app was able to create a thumbnail. Hence, it looks and feels like you would not be using an encryption, yet your images remain strongly protected at all times. But how is this possible? Let us explain how:

The iOS Files app

With the launch of iOS 11 a major change was made to iCloud app, used by the operating system for accessing files, until then. It is replaced by the Files app, which was immediately perceived by a lot of Apple’s users as being significantly better than what they were working with before. The Files app provides you with productive access to find, organize, open and delete all files that are stored on your Apple devices (no matter which of your devices you are using), in your iCloud account or on any third-party cloud storage provider. This makes browsing your files much faster and more convenient. Provided you are using iOS 11 or higher.
The Files app truly enables Boxcryptor users on iOS to experience a seamless integration of encryption into the usability of a mobile operating system. Hence, we strongly recommend to everyone using iOS 11 or higher to have a look at the Files app and test the mind-bogglingly good integration of Boxcryptor.

Boxcryptor integration for Files app

What makes Files so special is the possibility to enable third-party apps to have the files of these third-party apps being displayed in the Files app. This functionality is necessary to have the files that are stored at a third-party cloud provider accessible in the Files app. However, for us at Boxcryptor, this feature allows us to make our secure encryption available much more convenient on iOS mobile devices. And here is how:

IMG 1632

With the Boxcryptor app installed it is available in the Locations section of the Files app (Click on edit and you get a list of all locations that can be displayed in the Files app). Put the slider controlling the Boxcryptor app to the right, to enable files that are located in your Boxcryptor drive to be displayed in the Files app. The cloud provider has to be added to your Boxcryptor drive previously, of course – simply add a provider in the Boxcryptor app and the files saved at the provider will be available securely encrypted in your Boxcryptor location in the Files app.

An expert tip from our developers:

Disable the proprietary app of your cloud provider (e.g. Dropbox) to be displayed in Files. This way you may avoid accidently saving an important file unencrypted in the “wrong” location.

IMG 1634

Now that the integration of Boxcryptor is enabled, you can navigate to your Boxcryptor drive when browsing your files in the Files app.
(Note: We used Google Drive on our test system, but every other drive you use will be shown the same way.)

IMG 1638

You need to create your encrypted folder(s) in the Boxcryptor app, to have them available and accessible in the Files app.

IMG 1639

You may now copy and paste or work with files like you are used to inside your encrypted folder, while resting assured all of your sensitive files remain safely encrypted.

IMG 1645

From First Dates to Reliable Partners

As we started using Boxcryptor integrated into the Files app, it was exciting. Getting to know a “new partner” always requires patience and care. But we felt the good coming from the connection between the Files app and Boxcryptor – especially for you, our users – and we kept working on making it a reliable relationship and a feature our iOS user base will admire a lot. You got a picture that you like a lot? Just drag & drop it to your Boxcryptor drive. It is this easy to encrypt your pictures on iOS now. Because after all, this relationship is not just for swiping through pictures – there are other apps for doing so. 😉

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