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LeitzCloud | Eine Cloud für Unternehmen jeder Größe
Wednesday, May 13, 2020

From Folders to the Company Cloud — Store Data Reliably and Securely in the LeitzCloud

We at Boxcryptor are happy to introduce a new, German cloud to you today. Leitz is a German company whose product you will probably find in every German household and office. There is probably no person who never held a Leitz folder in their hands. To us, it really makes sense that the producer of the most popular folders now also offers folders in virtual form: a cloud. And we are happy that cloud security is a priority at this new provider, and that Boxcryptor supports this new German cloud from the beginning. Find out more in the following comment by our friends at LeitzCloud.

How do people work nowadays, compared to 40 years ago? Right, we use computers and smart phones instead of papers, bind folders, staplers and faxes. We don’t send each other Mails or drop countless stacks of paper on a co-worker’s table. Sure, we still use office products that have been in use a long time, but decreasingly so. More and more is being digitized and handled in an according manner. People send Emails or, even easier, give remote access to hard drives and servers that contain the files they wish to share. These storages are known as clouds. Leitz is a well-known German producer of office products. And as the German economy and companies take the next step towards digitization, the storing of data on clouds becomes increasingly relevant and profitable for users. Hence, in order to keep providing high quality products for offices, Leitz decided to create a digital solution for storing files. With that, LeitzCloud came into existence.

As a cloud solution, the goal of LeitzCloud is to provide absolute security paired with work flexibility and work-flow simplification for companies of any size. Using and maintaining own servers in Europe’s most advanced and secure sever center in Frankfurt, LeitzCloud actively pursues the goal of security. Also in regards to improving the cloud itself, the company is constantly working on additional functions and contents, to make the usage of the product more profitable to its customers.

LEITZCloud by vBoxx

LeitzCloud’s Most Important Features

By providing free and secure guest user accounts for example, LeitzCloud hopes to erase issues on sharing company files externally. By developing a scan app, the company makes remote working or urgent sharing of paper-based files easier. By allowing admins of the cloud to receive automated reports and push notifications, the cloud aims to provide ideal corporate governance. By providing real-time synchronization, we hope to provide maximum fluidity and flexibility at work.

A further characteristic of LeitzCloud that we are very proud of is impeccable and competent support. We provide proactive and friendly support, in order to give our customers and trial clients a comfortable experience with LeitzCloud. These and many more functions are provided by LeitzCloud, to create an ideal cloud solution for companies.

Intergration into Boxcryptor

Now you surely wondered why there is a blog about LeitzCloud published on theBoxcryptor security blog. The reason for that is to announce the integration of LeitzCloud into the Boxcryptor program. As Boxcryptor is one of the leading file encryption providers in the world, it is a pleasure to be able to provide additional, proven, encryption functions by a popular company to our clients. Though many cloud providers do offer reliable encryption to your data, non-GDPR compliant providers are able to analyze information left on their servers. With Boxcryptor, the content on the cloud is being encrypted and is unreadable to the provider. Though LeitzCloud works strictly under the German law and the GDPR and has its servers located in Germany, we consider this feature a valuable addition to security.

Finally, if you’re a company in need of a German (GDPR compliant) cloud solution, feel free to give LeitzCloud a try and use Boxcryptor as additional security provider, making sure to have the most flexibility in work-life, while your files are perfectly secure.

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