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Refer Friends for a Free Boxcryptor Upgrade
Monday, November 14, 2016

Refer Friends for a Free Boxcryptor Upgrade

Not many things in this world are as valuable as friendship. We share memories, perfect moments, happiness and pain with friends. Why not share privacy and your security awareness, too?

You probably already do it. You talk to your friends about recent security issues, you discuss which software you use, and maybe you already mentioned to your friends, colleagues or business partners that there is a solution out there that helps you protect your Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, or many other clouds.

From now on, we want to reward you for spreading the word about our mission to secure the cloud. We will help your friend to get started and protect themselves and their data, too.

Therefore, we created our new referral program. Recommend Boxcryptor to a friend and for each successful recommendation you will both get a free month of Boxcryptor Unlimited.

Our Unlimited features include:

  • Unlimited number of cloud providers
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Filename encryption
  • Whisply integration with extended features

To kick off the program we will actually give the referrer three months for free, which means that you only need to make 4 successful referrals by the end of the year to earn one year of Boxcryptor Unlimited for free.

What is New in Short:

  • The person who refers a friend, as well as the friend will get a reward
  • Free users as well as users of Boxcryptor Unlimited can take part and earn free months
  • The reward: free months of the Boxcryptor Unlimited Personal or Business License

Refer-A-Friend Kick-off: Earn your unlimited one-year-license instead of paying for it

To kick off our brand new referral program, we offer you three free months of Boxcryptor Unlimited when you successfully refer a friend. The person you referred will get one month for free.

Both free users and Boxcryptor Unlimited users can take part in the referral program. As a free user you get three free months immediately, as an Unlimited Personal or Business user the free months will be added at the end of your running license (renewal and payment will be due three month later).

This special offer is valid for all successful referrals until December 31 2016. Starting January 1st 2017, you and your friend will each get one month free for a successful referral.

Your friend has to verify the account and sign in once, before you can claim the free months. Sign in must occur in one of our desktop apps on his or her own device.

If you are a company user, you cannot profit from the referral program right now. However, you can participate and start earning referrals while you are a company user, and claim the free months of Boxcryptor Unlimited when you have a single user account again. We would be happy if you still spread the word about Boxcryptor, and give free months of Boxcryptor Unlimited to your friends.

This is What it Looks Like

From now on you will find a new section in our WebApp, where you can take part in the referral program, and keep track of your pending or successful referrals. In this section we will always keep you up-to-date on the status of your referrals, on recent activities, and on what bonus is waiting for you.

Boxcryptor Referral Programm Status Check

Get started now and help your friends protect their data and privacy in the cloud as well.

Note: To make sure that the transition from the old to the new program is a smooth one, both referral programs will run at the same time during the kick-off-phase. Participants of the old refer-a-friend program will get Boxcryptor Unlimited months and the possibility to earn additional devices for each successful referral until 12/31/2016.

Start spreading the word about Boxcryptor

Try out our new program now and let your friends know how you protect your data:

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