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The 5 Best Data Protection YouTube Channels in English

For complex topics, you can quickly look for a suitable search result on Google or a visual representation on YouTube – who hasn’t done this before? Also, Data protection and online security are often explained and shown in a simplified way on YouTube.

We set out to find the best YouTube channels about data protection. In doing so, we asked around both internally in our team as well as our followers and looked at their recommendations – thank you very much for your support!
If you are interested in the best YouTube channels in German language regarding data protection, take a look at our article The 5 Best Data Protection YouTube Channels in German.

Cybersecurity Meg

__Selected topics: __

  • Working in cyber security
  • Definition of terms within cyber security
  • Common cyber security tasks

The host of the channel, Meg, is a Cyber Security Incident Response Manager with several certifications and a Master of Science in cyber security and over 12,500 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Here, she gives an inside into the life of a Cyber Security Manager and provides tips for people considering cyber security as a career path. She uploads videos on an unregular basis providing valuable tips and information on cyber security terms and the importance of it.

Tip: Cybersecurity Meg gives an informative insight into the daily life of a Cyber Security Manager, especially as a female working in this field.

To the YouTube channel: Cybersecurity Meg


__Selected topics: __

  • Cyber security education & training
  • Cyber threats
  • Working in cyber security

Cyberspatial has over 127,000 subscribers on YouTube, and uploads videos since November 2019. The channel consists of various content regarding cyber security, providing insights into the life of an employee in cyber security as well as giving tips on security tools. Videos are uploaded every other month and are recommended for everyone interested in cyber security. People from all ages and skill-levels will be able to enhance their cyber security knowledge and learn more about the various areas.

Tip: With Cyberspatial, viewers can get a great and broad insight into the various fields of cyber security, as well as trends and careers within.

To the YouTube channel: Cyberspatial

To the website of the YouTube channel: www.cyberspatial.com


__Selected topics: __

  • Cyber Work Podcast
  • Security awareness
  • Cyber Security Career

Infosec is an institution for cyber security education and wants to motivate people to learn more and gain skills regarding cyber security. Its YouTube channel has around 44,200 subscribers and has been active since 2010. With daily uploads, current topics are discussed in short or longer videos or podcasts. The content ranges from tutorials for coding, to cyber security career tips and insights to hacking and cyber threats.

Tip: For regular updates on the newest cyber security trends, enhancing skills, or getting a general overview – we recommend taking a look at this channel!

To the YouTube channel: Infosec

To the website of the YouTube Channel: www.infosecinstitute.com

All Things Secured

Selected Topics:

  • Two factor authentication (2FA)
  • VPN reviews
  • Data security and security tools

With over 93,800 subscribers and 6.5 million views as of November 2021, All Things Secured is dedicated to improving the digital security of its viewers through tutorials and videos on cyber security issues. Josh, the host of the channel, explains important security trends and issues in short but highly informative videos. Videos are uploaded on a regular basis and include product or software reviews, as well as speaking on current cyber security trends.

Tip: We recommend browsing through All Things Secured to stay up to date on any cyber security trends and increase data protection of the individual.

To the YouTube channel: All Things Secured

To the website of the YouTube channel: www.allthingssecured.com

Ask Leo!

__Selected Topics: __

  • Hardware and software recommendations
  • Data breaches and hacking
  • Cyber security recommendations

Leo Notenboom is the host of Ask Leo! and uploads videos frequently regarding questions on cyber security, hardware, and software topics. His YouTube channel has currently 22,500 subscribers and nearly 4 million views. If viewers cannot find any videos regarding a certain issue or topic on Leo’s website or YouTube channel, they have the option to upload a question on the Ask Leo! website. Ask Leo! offers a broad variety of information and useful tips on the most frequent questions regarding cyber security and the general use computers.

Tip: We recommend Ask Leo! for any viewers that are new to cyber security and would like to learn more on how to better protect themselves from potential attacks.

To the YouTube channel: Ask Leo!

To the website of the YouTube channel: www.askleo.com


With over 400 hours of video content uploaded every minute to YouTube, there is usually always a video to a certain topic or question in mind. The videos do not always have to serve entertainment purposes, instead, some channels have specialized in providing valuable information and support for their viewers.

Especially data and cyber security are very complex topics that can be understood and explained better through the help of videos. As a company specialized in data protection, we think it is very important to sensitize as many people and companies as possible on the privacy and protection of their data.

If you know any more YouTube channels that provide videos on cyber security and data protection, feel free to share this with us via our social media platforms!

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