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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Update of Boxcryptor Portable – More Features for Improved Usability

We have good news for all Linux users, for those who use Boxcryptor on a PC without administrator rights, or for everyone who encrypt Amazon S3 or Amazon Cloud Drive with Boxcryptor. We updated our Boxcryptor Portable extensively.

The update brings you more flexibility when using Boxcryptor. You are now able to upload, download, encrypt, rename, copy and move whole folders.

Additionally, performance and stability have been improved and changing the cache is now possible. You can determine the size of the cache in the settings, or delete the unencrypted cache.

A little treat for Mac users is that the file browser of the Portable now reacts to keyboard shortcuts, which makes handling the program more comfortable.

Advantages of the Boxcryptor Portable

  • Administrator rights are not necessary.
  • Local file sync is not necessary, therefore the Portable does not rely on your cloud provider having a sync client. This is why the Portable works with S3 and Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • Boxcryptor Portable is available for Linux 64-bit, Windows 32-bit and macOS 64-bit.

Who can Profit from the Portable

  • Linux users
  • Users of clouds without sync-client
  • Users without administrator rights on their machine

Download the Latest Version

Download the latest version of Boxcryptor for the platform of your choice, for free. Start encrypting your data today and benefit from all the amazing features Boxcryptor offers you.

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