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5 Reasons Why Encryption Is Important

A new year has begun. It is Monday. Hannah goes back to work after her Christmas vacation. One of her New Year’s resolutions for 2022 is to hit the ground running at her company, and to learn more about her industry every day.

7.30 am: Encryption on Trend

Hannah picks up her phone to read today’s business news. But Twitter magically attracts her attention. That is how she stumbles upon Boxcryptor’s tweet and learns about privacy on social media platforms.

Hannah knows that data protection is a hot and important topic, at least since the introduction of the GDPR – it was a big deal back then in her department. She now dives deeper into the topic and quickly finds out that the demand for data encryption is a nationwide trend, especially in companies. The use and encryption of cloud storage is also on the rise, and will continue to grow in the near future, according to recent studies.

Incidentally, the data most frequently encrypted is:

  • data on customers
  • personnel data
  • financial data
  • health data
  • payment data
  • intellectual property

Hannah creates a reminder on her smartphone and clicks “Follow” on Boxcryptor’s Twitter account. Now, though, she has to go to work.

8.15 am: Backing Up Data on the Road

On the way to the city train, Hannah browses the blog on the Boxcryptor homepage, and comes across an article of messaging apps.

Her WhatsApp backups are stored in Google Drive. The photos are in Dropbox. She uploaded the scan of her doctor’s latest certificate to OneDrive. Locations, contacts, or text messages are also stored in cloud storages from mobile devices, for example in the course of cell phone backups. The use of multiple clouds has long been normal for Hannah.

Precisely as it is so natural to store information with your smartphone or tablet, these devices are vulnerable targets for data theft and malware. The stolen information is very interesting and thus valuable for attackers.

Fortunately, there are some measures Hannah can take to make her phone more secure. Before she even has to get out the city train, she has already turned off Bluetooth and location services, and reviewed the permissions on her apps.
Together with the screen lock by facial recognition, which is activated by default anyway, Hannah's smartphone is already much better protected.

8.45 am: Encrypt Sensitive Company data

Hannah arrives at her workplace. Over her first coffee of the day, she tells Lena, a colleague from IT, about her vacation and the holidays. After a brief chat, Hannah asks how the company manages data storage in the cloud. Lena answers that she does not really know, and that she does not know the rules either.

Yet data plays a significant role in everyday work: joint editing, forwarding, sharing... these are things that Hannah and Lena have to do every day.
Especially the sensitive data of staff, partner companies and customers should be treated confidentially.

Furthermore, communication with colleagues and superiors should definitely be encrypted. Private messages and internal documents must remain confidential and be able to be sent securely.

This is where companies need to play it safe: End-to-end encryption of files ensures that only the sender and recipient can read the information in plain text.

After talking to her colleague, Hannah goes straight to Robert, her CTO. She tells him about Boxcryptor, and how it can be used to work securely in the cloud. She also mentions that employees can also use the software to work securely on encrypted files in Microsoft Teams. Existing workflows will not be disrupted by the added layer of security.

Together they create a free test account and try out the functions in a text folder right away. Robert is thrilled and wants to create an account after the trial period. Now, that is a bonus for Hannah.

12.00 pm: Encrypting External Data Media

During the lunch break, Hannah takes the city train back to her apartment. She spends the rest of the day working from home. To pass the time during the ride, she opens Instagram. There, Hannah learns that she can use Boxcryptor to encrypt even more than her cloud storage.

Data protection in our private lives is more important than ever. In 2022, anyone who still assumes that hackers rarely attack data of private devices is sadly mistaken. In fact, the FBI and Interpol classify cybercrime as a real, widespread, and transnational threat. The statement of the menu item set up specifically for this purpose also states that cybercrime threatens financial and intellectual property, as well as the digital infrastructure.
Especially privately, you should therefore still additionally secure your personal data on USB sticks or external hard drives.

Hannah has read enough and encrypts her USB sticks and external hard drive with her Boxcryptor account. She learns how to do that from the matching blog article.

5.30 pm: The Future of Encryption

It is just before closing time. Hannah still has a lot to get done. As she finishes her last task of the day, her phone shows that an update is available for the Boxcryptor app.

Due to the permanent further development of technical systems, digitization is advancing. Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and virtual realities are already on the horizon. The mass of digital data is constantly increasing.

That is why encryption providers are also constantly developing their systems. Updates guarantee the highest security standards and an optimal user experience.

6.00 pm: Conclusion

It is closing time for the day. Shortly before she turns off her laptop, Robert writes that he wants to activate Boxcryptor Company already tomorrow. Hannah then contacts the Boxcryptor team. Through the Boxcryptor referral program she gets a free Boxcryptor lifetime license and a gift pack. She then notes down the password for her account and puts it in her safe. In consequence of the zero-knowledge approach, Hannah has no way to get her data, if she forgets her credentials.

The laptop is off. Hannah has come a good deal closer to her New Year’s resolution today, because she was able to help her company.

If Hannah now signs up for the Boxcryptor newsletter, she will receive all relevant information about the latest updates or current data security topics conveniently in her inbox.

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