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After having downloaded and installed Boxcryptor, please log in with an existing account or sign up for a new account.In the next step, please add your locations. Locations are the places where the encrypted files are stored. Usually this is the folder of your cloud storage provider. But you can also add custom locations.After having set up your locations, you can open the Boxcryptor dive (X:). Your drive shows your locations with all subfolders and all files - encrypted and unencrypted.When you use Boxcryptor for the first time, none of your files in your Boxcryptor drive is encrypted. Right-click on any file or folder and chose "encrypt" to start. Once a folder is encrypted, all files stored within this folder through the Boxcryptor dive will automatically be encrypted.

If there are any questions, please have a look at our manuals below or contact us.

Important: If you have been using Boxcryptor 1.x (now Boxcryptor Classic) before, we recommend to have a short look at the most important changes in version 2.0!


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