How Boxcryptor can help with GDPR Compliance.

The new GDPR: What you need to know and how Boxcryptor can help with GDPR compliance.

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Do you need help, an individual offer, or do you have questions? This is how you can reach us with your request.

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Have a look at our help pages or give our awesome search a try. Maybe your perfect answer is just a couple clicks away.
Go to help pages.

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Did other users already have the same problem or question? Check out our forum or create a new entry there. Our community and developers are happy to help.
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Contact our support. We answer you as quickly as possible (in English or German only). Please be aware that our support is only available Monday to Friday.
Contact us via our contact form (prioritized and faster).
Contact us via email.

Email support is only available for paying customers. If you use Boxcryptor for free you can get help in our forum and help pages. Of course, you can contact us anyway and we might answer you as a gesture of goodwill. However, please be prepared that it might take some time.

If you want faster handling of your requests, you can upgrade to Boxcryptor Unlimited at any time, to get prioritized support.

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