Customer Stories

Our customer stories give you an insight on how easily others implemented Boxcryptor into their workflows. Read about how they get their work done in a secure way thanks to Boxcryptor, and the reasons why they chose our encryption solution.

The Global Poverty Research Lab (Northwestern University)
Javier Madrazo

With the help of Boxcryptor, confidential data of individuals throughout the project is securely encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

Nick Dannenberg, IT Security consultant at the TU Dresden
TU Dresden
Nick Dannenberg | IT Security Consultant

Boxcryptor makes the encryption of data very easy. Therefore it can also be used by technically inexperienced users, e.g. in administration.

Picture of Daniel Peluso, Information Security Architect at Associated Press, who talkes about the work with Boxcryptor at Associated Press.
Associated Press
Daniel Peluso | Information Security Architect

Boxcryptor gives us exactly what we need in terms of data protection.

Johan Andersson - Trustly
Trustly Group AB
Johan Andersson

The additional layer of security added to the operations of Trustly provides protection for the highly sensitive information Trustly is handling.

Dirk Reuter, Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt
Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt
Dirk Reuter | Office Management / HR

Working with Boxcryptor is so easy, you do not even notice it.

Felix Stremmer, StudierendenGesellschaft Witten/Herdecke e.V.
StudierendenGesellschaft Witten/Herdecke e.V.
Felix Stremmer | Board Member

Without Boxcryptor, we would be thrown back into the Stone Age in terms of data storage. Our Boxcryptor is the collective brain of our organization as well as our historical library.

Benjamin Lochmann,
Benjamin Lochmann | CEO

The cloud is an essential part of our business procedures. But this only works for us when our data is protected a hundred percent.

Boxcryptor Customer Story by Johannes Wagner, NETPLANET
Johannes Wagner | CEO

Even people without IT knowledge can manage Boxcryptor easily.

Reggy-Charles Degen
Reggy-Charles Degen | CEO

Boxcryptor is an essential software for the business, due to it being an additional security layer that is easy to be set up.

SNP Title Co. Logo
SNP Title Agency, Inc.
Bob Gladkowski | Head of Sales

SNP’s decision to use Boxcryptor as encryption software was based on the very good reviews both, on Google and on various tech websites.

Thomas Ohlow, Conuno GmbH
Conuno GmbH
Thomas Ohlow | CEO

Internet security is just a perceived security where Boxcryptor provides a remedy.

Andreas Pollierer, Takevalue Consulting
Takevalue Consulting
Andreas Pollierer | Consultant

Zero Knowledge – A main argument for Boxcryptor.

FC Affing 1949 e.V.
FC Affing 1949 e.V
Robert Lindermeier | President

We wanted to upload all of our data, which was dispersed amongst a variety of local PCs, to be accumulated centrally in the cloud, while maintaining a maximum level of security.

Jan van Asselt (JPG)
Stichting Voedselhulp Nunspeet
Jan van Asselt | Data Protection Officer

Boxcryptor has been implemented so all employees who are processing personal, or financial data can use it to create and store the data compliant with GDPR regulations.

Teresa Scarlett, Managing Director at Chrysalis
Chrysalis Assessment & Support Centre
Teresa Scarlett | Director

Boxcryptor ensures that our files and documents which are due to the nature of our work highly sensitive remain as secure as possible, even if our storage systems should be hacked.

Ryan A. Rafoth | Chief Closing Attorney Windmill Title, LLC
Windmill Title, LLC
Ryan A. Rafoth

Windmill Title not only uses Boxcryptor for improving their IT-security. The strong protection of data gives us a competitive advantage.

R. Haussmann (Autismus verstehen e.V.)
Autismus verstehen e.V.
Reinhold Haussmann

Boxcryptor helps to comply with the requirements of the GDPR. Because of the encryption provided by Boxcryptor, it is possible (...) that authorized people only, may access the data.

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