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Daniel Peluso

Information Security Architect

Associated Press

Boxcryptor and The Associated Press: Ensuring Data Protection and Trust

In 2019, The Associated Press started using Boxcryptor to protect the work of their journalists all over the world. By encrypting all documents before they are moved to the cloud, Boxcryptor ensures that not only the material but also journalists and sources are protected in critical situations. Here you can get an insight into the important work of this not-for-profit organization and how Boxcryptor supports them in their efforts.

Case study of Boxcryptor and Associated Press: symbol image for cloud security for not-for profit organizations.

Daniel Peluso, Information Security Architect at Associated Press:

The Associated Press is an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting. Founded in 1846, AP today remains the most trusted source of fast, accurate, unbiased news in all formats and the essential provider of the technology and services vital to the news business.

We first got to know Boxcryptor during the 2019 RSA Conference in San Francisco. We decided to go with Boxcryptor because we are confident that Boxcryptor values privacy, and it’s very easy to see that their goals are aligned with ours when it comes to data integrity.

The Problem Boxcryptor Solves for The Associated Press

A continuing use case we have is how to best protect our journalist’s privacy, including communication between sources, and the content that they create. As our company continues to adopt a cloud-first approach, a concern about placing sensitive stories or unpublished research in the cloud is present. Boxcryptor can solve this use case without affecting user experience or collaboration. Journalists that are colleagues but live in different locations can collaborate on sensitive stories using tools that Boxcryptor provides without worrying about giving up privacy.

Onboarding and Roll Out of Boxcryptor with OneDrive

The onboarding phase was uncomplicated and went smoothly. We were able to deploy the solution through a centralized configuration manager, which really made the roll out seamless. In addition to Boxcryptor supporting SSO through Azure Active Directory we were able to apply licenses to those who needed it in minutes and weave the process into existing processes for software requests.

Most employees were acquainted quickly with Boxcryptor, but for some users, there was a learning curve, as they were adopting both OneDrive and Boxcryptor at the same time. We used Boxcryptor documentation to furnish some internal documents that helped users learn several workflows they could use to collaborate. We held several webinars for any users interested in joining where we ran through the set-up process and answered any and all questions with hands on demonstrations.

Working with Boxcryptor: Protecting Data and Generating Trust in Potential Sources

Boxcryptor gives us exactly what we need in terms of data protection.

Currently only specific teams and departments are licensed for Boxcryptor. But we hope to expand this as things progress, because Boxcryptor gives us exactly what we need in terms of data protection. Ensuring privacy for our journalists and their contacts are of the upmost importance. The ability to report objective, accurate journalism with the confidence that our data has been properly protected is unparalleled.

The AP is an international organization with 250 locations worldwide, which means that our journalists are subject to different laws, mandates, and forms of government.

The ability to have a single solution that can offer our most sensitive work a layer of protection is of the upmost importance. Furthermore, using tools that symbolize that we are privacy conscious promotes a trust with sources that may speak to AP journalists.

I would recommend Boxcryptor to any company that may want an additional layer of security to protect their data in the cloud, and to any media company that is operating natively in any cloud.