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Autismus verstehen e.V.

R. Haussmann (Autismus verstehen e.V.)
Reinhold Haussmann

Autismus verstehen e.V.

Autismus verstehen e.V.: Boxcryptor Helps Protect Especially Sensitive Data

The German association Autismus verstehen e.V. is concerned with the situation of people with autism in society, and tries to improve the lives of those affected. This is being realized by encouraging people with autism as well as relatives, experts, and third parties with an interest in autism spectrum disorders, to work together.

They help build a range of counseling services for people with autism at all ages, as well as services for those working with people with autism on a private or professional basis. Furthermore, the association supports demand-oriented sponsorship offers, and helps organize and bundle information about autism.

Mr. Haussmann, data protection officer of the association, had been using Boxcryptor for three years for his private data. Since it is crucially important for the people living with autism and those surrounding them that the data collected by the association can only be accessed by authorized persons, the decision was made to use Boxcryptor to protect this data in the organization as well.

Boxcryptor is now being employed by the board of directors and the employees of the competence center.

Each user needs to be able to access the pool of data from their momentary location at the time they require access. Using a cloud provider for storing data makes that possible. The additional use of Boxcryptor helps to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

Because of the encryption provided by Boxcryptor, it is possible to guarantee that only authorized people can access the data. Furthermore, only encrypted data is transferred from the local device to the cloud (end-to-end encryption).

The encrypted file sharing service Whisply is particularly interesting for the association, since this tool helps to account for the increasingly important concerns of data protection. Sensitive data does no longer have to be sent via unencrypted email.

Since the receiver of an encrypted Whisply file does not need any software to decrypt it, except for a browser, transmitting personal data is secure and very easy.