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Shai Braitner
Shai Braitner | CEO

BICI – Reliable encryption for highly sensitive data

The Israeli intelligence service provider BICI (Business & Cyber Intelligence) offers a variety of bespoke and turnkey intelligence solutions for clients, ranging from private individuals to international corporations. Services provided by BICI are: Cyber Technology, Business Intelligence, Litigation Support, Competitive Intelligence, Fraud Prevention, and some more.

When BICI was looking for a solution to secure their cloud accounts, the name Boxcryptor appeared in several tech blogs on the first Google result pages. The decision to use Boxcryptor was made on the basis of the best price/quality ratio available, the great support that is offered to customers and the ease of use, of the software.

The biggest problem BICI sees solved by the use of Boxcryptor is that all the data, which is due to the nature of BICI’s field of business highly sensitive, is now secured and encrypted.

BICI experienced some challenges during the onboarding phase. Namely, the encryption of all previous data and the creation of Boxcryptor group permissions. But with weekly conference calls and Skype remote guidance for all employees the few troubles during the onboarding period were resolved conveniently and Boxcryptor is now being used by all employees of BICI.

Out of a strong conviction that

nowadays nothing is 100% safe from attacks and hacking

BICI states that they wanted to strive for a higher standard of data security and protect their work. This was exactly the essential requirement that BICI placed on Boxcryptor. According to BICI

Data protection is the most important thing in the business world.

That is why they recommend the encryption software Boxcryptor to all companies and individuals, especially those who fear that their information is easily accessible and can be hacked.

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