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John Paul O'Gorman | VP Engineering
Keelvar Systems Ltd.

Keelvar Systems Ltd.

The Irish award-winning software vendor in e-sourcing Keelvar Systems Ltd., recently received the accolade of Gartner Cool Vendor 2018, and serves some of the world’s largest companies, as their customer, to optimize billions of dollars in spend annually in categories that include transportation, packaging, materials, professional services and others.
Strategic sourcing is too slow, there are too few experts who understand advanced sourcing techniques & teams are overwhelmed with data. Keelvar’s mission is the optimization of A.I. to democratize the sourcing industry while producing better results.

After recognizing the need to keep Keelvar’s data and the data of their customers secure in third party cloud services, management decided to conduct a Google search for a product that could solve this problem. Analyzing the reviews of available security solutions, Boxcryptor clearly stood out as understanding the problem and putting a clear and usable solution forward. Boxcryptor’s technical architecture documentation helped build confidence that this was a company who would keep our customers' data secure. The zero-knowledge encryption meant that Boxcryptor would quickly help ensure the cloud storage providers became a strong asset for Keelvar, rather than a potential liability.
The Boxcryptor for Teams webinar provided a good overview of how the product worked and the subsequent Boxcryptor roll out went smoothly, following testing and planning an approach. Most users, in the management and in the teams, followed the short instructions provided as part of the roll-out without the need of support from others, due to the very good usability of the software.
Boxcryptor is a foundation stone in Keelvar’s defense in-depth security design. It provides a platform to enforce security best practice and ensures possessing a technology to implement policies on information security, data protection and GDPR. Boxcryptor now, secures all company and customer sensitive data stored at a cloud service provider. It is used daily by employees that require access to sensitive data. Hence, Boxcryptor secures the most sensitive data and thereby forms part of a strategic security implementation plan that helps protect Keelvar’s reputation, and by extension, that of their customers.

Data protection is vital for Keelvar and a prime objective of the management. It is a matter of mutual trust to protect data when it is shared with others. Therefore, recommends Keelvar Boxcryptor to any company serious about securing their data in cloud storage services. “It is about protecting your company’s reputation and future viability”, says John Paul O’Gorman, Head of Engineering at Keelvar Systems Ltd.

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