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Chrysalis Assessment & Support Centre

Teresa Scarlett
Teresa Scarlett


Chrysalis Assessment & Support Centre


Chrysalis Assessment & Support Centre — Data protection in child and family welfare

Chrysalis Assessment & Support Centre is an independent organization with up to 20 employees supporting social workers and local authorities in ensuring the best outcomes for children. To protect highly sensitive, personal information in Google Drive the company uses strong end-to-end encryption, powered by Boxcryptor.

Teresa Scarlett, Managing Director at Chrysalis, on how Boxcryptor is successfully used in her company

Chrysalis supports socially deprived families through residential parenting assessment (as well as non-residential support) with a view to the safety of children remaining in the family environment. During this assessment, parents live for 12 weeks in our facilities.

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To ensure the safety of sensitive, personal data in the best possible way, our consultants suggested using Boxcryptor for encryption. We decided to exploit Boxcryptor as it appeared to meet our encryption needs whilst remaining relatively easy to use. Boxcryptor ensures that files and documents which are due to the nature of our work highly sensitive, remain as secure as possible, even though our storage systems should be hacked.

Boxcryptor has been rather easy to be incorporated into our systems. Since we have a relatively small team, it was not a problem instructing staff and assisting in case of difficulties. The only problem we experienced has been with staff not allowing sufficient ‘sync’ time, at the end of their shifts following their daily updates on families and handovers. All staff members within the organization have a Boxcryptor account, which is started prior to accessing family files in Google Drive.

Boxcryptor is essential to our organization by means that it protects us as data controllers and users in keeping sensitive information confidential. Data protection has the highest priority for us and is imperative in our daily work. Boxcryptor can help social care organizations such as ours, or any organization wishing to protect their data.