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conuno GmbH

Thomas Ohlow
Thomas Ohlow


Conuno GmbH

Interview with Thomas Ohlow, CEO of conuno

Conuno , founded in 2010, is a SMB company established in Hamburg. Forty employees are focused on consulting customers in financial and technical concerns. Thomas Ohlow, CEO of conuno, explained that they had security concerns with cloud providers and were searching for a solution.

Internet security is just a perceived security where Boxcryptor provides a remedy.

Before conuno decided upon Boxcryptor last year, the team tested another security software to encrypt their files but had second thoughts about that. Thomas Ohlow noted, that on the internet there is no 100 percent guarantee for security. Therefore he compares Boxcryptor to a burglarproof window as you also feel much safer with it. “You do not know if it is really secure before a real break-in attempt. But it improves the feeling of security a lot”, Thomas Ohlow justified.

Pay per use – fair pricing with flexible licenses.

Many employees of conuno are working in distributed locations very often, so the ability of an intern and safe data exchange is very important for them. Subsequently Boxcryptor was established by an IT employee without great effort and is working smoothly since that date. Currently only a small group of people are using Boxcryptor at conuno, but there are scenarios to expand usage in the future. Besides the simple handling and the great support, Thomas Ohlow is also very excited of the opportunity to add and remove individual users to groups. Additionally to the technical aspects which Boxcryptor brings along, conuno appreciates the fair pricing. Instead of paying a flat fee you only have to pay the needed number of licenses that affords you best value for your money.

Taken all together, Thomas Ohlow is totally convinced of Boxcryptor and would definitely recommend Boxcryptor to other companies.