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FC Affing 1949 e. V. - Germany

FC Affing 1949 e.V.
Robert Lindermeier


FC Affing 1949 e.V

FC Affing – Data protection as a team sport

The FC Affing, a sports club from Bavaria, Germany, has about 900 members. Recreational sports, such as Gymnastics, Taekwondo and Dancing, as well as Football, Table Tennis, Skiing, Bavarian Curling and Volleyball are the most popular activities amongst the members.

The personal engagement of the members and board of directors is of crucial importance for the sports club. Since various associates are conducting work for the sports club on their private devices, the use of a cloud solution for data storage was obvious. This way, the sports club can ensure the accessibility of the data for everyone who is in need of it.

To adequately meet the requirements for data protection, the sports club is using Boxcryptor for the encryption of the data in the cloud for some time now.

We wanted to upload all of our data, which was dispersed amongst a variety of local PCs, to be accumulated centrally in the cloud, while maintaining a maximum level of security for the data.

This statement was made by Robert Lindermeier, President of the FC Affing.

Long before the GDPR due date, the members of the FC Affing were sensitized for the protection of personal data. The many reports in the media on personal data being made publicly accessible have made the members very cautious. The FC Affing wants to avoid such an incident at any cost. Severe penalties and a serious loss of trust – on the side of the members and the whole region – would be the consequences of data loss. The reason for this is that the sports club has saved bank account details and payment methods of every one of the almost 900 members.

Despite the fact that the setup of Boxcryptor for the FC Affing was done by IT experts from the board of directors, everyone was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendly applicability. Even those members on the board of directors that do not possess any IT related expertise did not encounter any issues in using Boxcryptor. Installing and setting up the app as well as accessing the encrypted files was intuitively realizable for the users. Everyone was particularly impressed by how easy the usage was made by the integration of a virtual drive.

To put it in a nutshell: As a (sports) club, we no longer face any difficulties or additionally required efforts to securely handle our data.”, says Robert Lindermeier.