Benjamin Lochmann



How we at Homepage-Baukasten.de Protect our Data with Boxcryptor

We found Boxcryptor via Google search, when we were looking for a solution to encrypt data in the cloud in a user-friendly and simple way. Now we cannot imagine our everyday work without Boxcryptor, since this encryption solution allows us to profit from all the advantages of the cloud.

We use Dropbox to share internal business reports, for accounting management documents and for communicating with our investor. Some of our employees work decentralized and our investor is not on site either. However, the cloud allows us to work together no matter where the different team members are.

Some of the stored data is quite sensitive and, therefore, it should not be uploaded to Dropbox without encryption. By combining Dropbox and Boxcryptor we can benefit from all the cloud has to offer.

Boxcryptor plays an important role in our day to day business. We store reports and financial information – for example bank statements – in Dropbox and encrypt it with Boxcryptor. The cloud is an essential part of our business procedures. But this only works out for us when our sensitive data is protected a hundred percent.

Homepage-Baukasten.de is a web-based kit with which you can build a website without needing a deep knowledge of coding. Our customer’s data is stored on our own servers in Germany, because we do not want to use the cloud for customer data. However, for our internal business processes we trust in the combination of Dropbox and Boxcryptor.