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MJD Foundation - Medical Protocols
Nadia Lindop | CEO
MJD Foundation

MJD Foundation

The Australian MJD Foundation is a charity organization that works in partnership with Aboriginal Australians, their families and communities living with Machado-Joseph Disease to provide comprehensive support and engages in research providing hope for the future.

MJD is a genetic neurodegenerative disease which leads to people eventually being in a wheelchair and being dependent on all activities of daily living and there is no cure to the disease.

3-2 MJD Our People

Because the MJD Foundation is a small organization, spread across many locations in Australia from Darwin and Groote Eylandt to Cairns and Sydney, they were looking for cloud-based options for storing files. Due to the sensitive nature of the shared data, MJD Foundation required some extra security on top of Google-Drive. Their decision to use Boxcryptor was based on all the criteria for additional security being met and the quality of the service and support, while ensuring the clients’ data is kept private and secure.

Although there was some confusion at first as staff members thought files saved in Boxcryptor were different to the Google-drive files on the cloud, quickly everyone understood and is using Boxcryptor without any issues. All staff members that need to access client files use Boxcryptor extensively, on a daily basis.

MJD Foundation is recommending the use of Boxcryptor to any organization that has cloud-based IT systems and wants the additional protection of encryption to ensure data remains secure and private. Boxcryptor has enabled MJD Foundation to have a cost-effective cloud solution and in addition to adhere to the Quality and Safeguard assessment criteria needed in this industry. Therefore, the recommendation to use Boxcryptor, is given to all organizations that also consider privacy and protection as being “extremely important”.

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