We are excited to share that we are set to begin a new chapter with Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is acquiring our IP technology to embed natively into the Dropbox product, bringing end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to millions of business customers around the world. Check out our blog to find out more!

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Boxcryptor Customer NetPlanet GmbH
Johannes Wagner



Interview with Johannes Wagner, CEO of NETPLANET GmbH

Johannes Wagner, CEO of NETPLANET, recommends Boxcryptor to people, who are searching for a solution for secure data exchange in the cloud. The company, based in Vienna and St. Valentin (Austria), is a consulting firm in the communication and information technology sector. They are using Boxcryptor since half a year.

Even people without IT knowledge can manage Boxcryptor easily.

Not being convinced of other date privacy solutions in the cloud, NETPLANET was searching for an alternative on the internet. Soon a colleague heard of Boxcryptor for the very first time. There were not much persuasion needed to convince Johannes Wagner, too. Even people without technical expertise can learn the functionality of Boxcryptor very fast.

We want to build up a portfolio as soon as possible – with Boxcryptor.

NETPLANET is also enthusiastic about the marketing alongside the short and uncomplicated period of setting up Boxcryptor. "In the IT sector, you do not get compliments very often", said Johannes Wagner, who is using Boxcryptor also in his free time. A very good product would not generate much feedback, because everybody takes a smooth functionality for granted, he noted. But in case of Boxcryptor he is deeply satisfied. NETPLANET is very anxious to offer their customers the best security solutions in their portfolio. That is the reason why they want to add Boxcryptor to their portfolio and offer it also to their customers, as soon as possible.