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Reggy-Charles Degen
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Q7Leader — Sensitive personnel data in Dropbox Cloud

Q7Leader™ was founded in 2012 as a startup and is a Human Resource Consulting company whose strategy and activity are anchored on 7 basic principles that any manager should master to become a good people manager. This is to identify, develop, engage and retain talents in a consistent and objective way. The methodology supporting the products is based on a collaborative approach between managers but also with their team members.

When Q7Leader was looking for an encryption solution for businesses that could facilely be plugged into a cloud drive (in this case, a Dropbox drive), they did some benchmarking and analysis of the different security software available and concluded Boxcryptor was the best option. This is due to Boxcryptor being the most team-friendly security solution that can easily be integrated to Dropbox, by creating a virtual Boxcryptor drive that reliably rests “on top” of the Dropbox drive, used for synchronization of the files.

Boxcryptor provides Q7Leader with the possibility to securely store files and also be able to share them with external partners and customers.

All data is now strongly protected with AES encryption against theft since all files rest in encrypted folders, when not in use. All Q7Leader employees are now avid Boxcryptor users in all daily operations. Since Q7Leader is an HR consulting company that uses Dropbox as its major storage drive, everyone within the organization uses Boxcryptor on top of their Dropbox synchronization app or program. After an introductory presentation of the tool to the team (10 persons), the team was provided with direct support and their questions being answered (mainly on how to securely share sensitive files from their encrypted Dropbox with external people). The team is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds and not all are comfortable with computer programs, but Boxcryptor was rapidly adopted by everyone, to secure all folders and files that are stored in the company's Dropbox drive.

Data privacy and data protection are at the core of the Q7Leader HR consulting services. The customers entrust Q7Leader with sensitive data related to their employees. Q7Leader made it their responsibility to make sure that this data is processed and stored with the best business graded security standards and that privacy of data is at a maximum.

Boxcryptor is an essential piece of software for the business, due to the encryption providing an additional security layer that is easy to be set up.

Moreover, the use of Boxcryptor demonstrates internally and externally that no concession with regard to security is made.

To sum up, Q7Leader recommends the use of Boxcryptor to HR professionals who — too often — are not sufficiently aware of employee and personal data privacy related security and risk management issues.