SNP Title Co.

Bob Gladkowski

Head of Sales

SNP Title Agency, Inc.

SNP Title Co. — Boxcryptor and Google Drive in practice

SNP Title Co. is a residential title insurance company, issuing title insurance policies to home sellers, home buyers and those refinancing their existing homes.

Bob Gladkowksi, Vice President, Sales and Compliance at SNP Title Co., on the decision to use Boxcryptor as encryption solution.

SNP’s decision to use Boxcryptor as encryption software was based on the very good reviews both, on Google and on various tech websites. The decision was the result of many hours of research for a solution that allows SNP to keep client information for a long period of time and keeping it secure during this whole time. Those requirements usually result in incredibly expensive long-term encryption software, but SNP decided on Boxcryptor — a much more flexible and cost saving solution.

The transition to Boxcryptor was a seamless process, due to Boxcryptors’ identical appearance to Google Drive (i.e. the system in place for storage of data). The seamless transition to the new, securely encrypted storing of files and the requirements SNP is facing for encrypting everything that is stored, makes all SNP employees using Boxcryptor on a daily basis — for SNP employees it is a very convenient solution to share and store secured documents.

For the reasons of SNP being required to store large amounts of data securely for a very long period of time and the highly convenient use of Boxcryptor, experienced by SNP employees and the small costs attributable to the solution, Boxcryptor became essential for SNP’s business activity.

SNP collects and stores people’s most private financial data and keeping this information secure is SNP’s highest priority — hence, the very easy-to-use and easy-to-implement encryption software Boxcryptor has convinced SNP and it is recommended by SNP to anyone who requires a very secure, yet extremely convenient way to safeguard sensitive data.