Felix Stremmer, StudierendenGesellschaft Witten/Herdecke e.V.
Felix Stremmer | Board Member
StudierendenGesellschaft Witten/Herdecke e.V.

How the StudierendenGesellschaft Witten Works with Boxcryptor

Felix Stremmer, member of the board of directors at StudierendengesellschaftWitten

The StudierendenGesellschaft Witten is an educational institution that allows people from every financial background to visit the private University in Witten. At the same time, the organization is a longtime, satisfied customer of Boxcryptor, the software that makes collaboration in the cloud possible in a simple and secure way.

In this case study, Felix Stremmer, member of the board of directors, shares some insights about their everyday work with Boxcryptor.

We are a nonprofit association that allows all suitable students to get a University degree at the University of Witten/Herdecke – no matter what financial background they come from. For this purpose, we developed an earnings-related financing model: a kind of reversed inter-generational contract.

How exactly we became aware of Boxcryptor, we cannot tell anymore, because we have been using it for quite some time now. Anyhow, we were looking for a cloud based, encrypted, easy-to-use program – and we found Boxcryptor. The decision was not hard: The combination of the widely used and easy-to-use Dropbox as a basis, and high data protection and the possibility to easily collaborate in a team with Boxcryptor, makes it the best product of the market for us.

We were looking for a cloud based, encrypted, easy-to-use program – and we found Boxcryptor.

On one side, we work with very sensitive (personal) data and on the other side, we mostly work together on files – in house as well as on the road. Our board of directors are the main users of Boxcryptor, but some additional employees have limited access to file certain documents. For us members of the board, Boxcryptor works as the main data repository. That way we have high transparency and high data security at the same time.

An additional bonus is the fact that Boxcryptor is very self-explanatory and, therefore, easy to use. However, we are a young team that is used to working with all kinds of software.

Without Boxcryptor, we would be thrown back into the Stone Age, in terms of data storage and collaboration. Our Boxcryptor is the collective brain of our organization as well as our historical library.

We are happy to recommend Boxcryptor. Since we work with personal data and confidential salary information, a high level of data protection is a must for us. Same applies to all organizations that store and work with personal data. Our members trust us with their private information, and it is our responsibility to protect it as well as possible.

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