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Trustly Group AB: More Security and Flexibility with Boxcryptor

Johan Andersson - Trustly
Johan Andersson

Trustly Group AB

Trustly Group AB – Additional Security and Flexibility with Boxcryptor

Trustly is an alternative payment method that lets people pay directly from their online bank account. It’s fast, simple and secure. Trustly’s customers include online businesses that want to accept payments from, and issue refunds to consumers across Europe. The customers operate in a variety of industries, ranging from e-commerce and travel to financial services and online gaming.

Johan Andersson, Team Leader at Trustly Group AB:

The sensitive nature of the data and the way Trustly is handling this data accounts for two major requirements, with regard to the data: The data must be encrypted and the data must be shareable within the organization. The decision for using Boxcryptor is based on the fact that it is satisfying both requirements while integrating smoothly with the current infrastructure for sharing data (i.e. services provided by Google).

The additional layer of security added to the operations of Trustly, being a regulated financial institution, provides protection for the highly sensitive information Trustly is handling in these operations. All while providing Trustly’s users with a transparent data protection process.

Due to the Boxcryptor plug-in that works on top of the plug-in for Google Drive, there was no need for an extensive onboarding process because no new workflow had to be learned.

Trustly now uses Boxcryptor in the Tech department and most software developers use the service daily to share encrypted data. Without Boxcryptor, encrypted files (without the transparent encryption and decryption) would have to be passed around somehow, which would complicate the workflow tremendously, as the shared data is often updated.

Since there is no room for taking risks in providing payment services, privacy and data protection is paramount for Trustly. As a highly satisfied Boxcryptor client Trustly recommends Boxcryptor to anyone who wants to add an additional security layer on top of their existing services such as Google Drive or iCloud. The clean integration with these services makes introduction easy and effortless.