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Jan van Asselt | Data Protection Officer
Stichting Voedselhulp Nunspeet

Voedselhulp Nunspeet — How the volunteer organization protects personal data through encryption in the cloud

The Dutch foundation “Voedselhulp Nunspeet” is providing food aid to people unable to provide themselves or their family with the daily necessities. The reasons for these people’s financial distress vary (e.g. resignation, illness, etc.) but regardless of their background or held beliefs, Voedselhulp Nunspeet provides aid to everyone in need.

Furthermore, Voedselhulp Nunspeet believes that a financial problem does rarely stand alone, but is part of a more complex situation. Therefore, the approach is to help the village residents in need and give them personal attention — a comprehensive approach of social welfare to improve the lives of those in need beyond food aid. The foundation is structured as a volunteer organization. For storing and accessing files, the employees needs for their daily work on differing locations, Dropbox was selected as cloud storage solution.

Jan van Asselt, Data Protection Officer at Voedselhulp Nunspeet, was looking for a software to encrypt data in Dropbox. In addition, he wanted this solution to be centrally manageable.

After some searching on the internet, I ended up at Boxcryptor, said Jan van Asselt.

The functionality of Boxcryptor and its secure AES encryption met the desired needs and after some review consulting and the positive experiences, made with Boxcryptor during the trial period, Jan van Asselt decided to choose Boxcryptor as Dropbox encryption solution for Voedselhulp Nunspeet. The main problem Boxcryptor solves for Voedselhulp Nunspeet is being compatible with the GDPR legislation — especially with regard to personal data being stored in a cloud drive like Dropbox. All workstations that have been equipped with Boxcryptor so far, are set up in a way that folders, data and files generated by an app or program automatically enters the secure Boxcryptor drive. In addition, the already existing data and files have migrated to the encrypted Boxcryptor drive so that the users are encouraged to use their data in this way. Boxcryptor has been implemented to support employees, who are processing personal or financial data, to create and securely store the data, in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Boxcryptor fulfills a set of particular requirements for Voedselhulp Nunspeet: As a volunteer organization with a limited budget and workspaces that are used in physically in different locations, the use of Dropbox allows them to easily share data between the employees and Boxcryptor is used to add an extra layer of security — also regarding the GDPR.

Since Voedselhulp Nuunspeet is not only recording personal data, but the persons respective financial data, the need for maximum security is extra-large.

To sum up, Voedselhulp Nunspeet recommends a broad application of Boxcryptor to every company, due to the increased legislative pressure by the ratification of the GDPR, as of 25th of May 2018. Overall, the encryption of files that are stored in a cloud drive is highly recommended, regardless of any legislative prerequisites.

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