Ryan A. Rafoth | Chief Closing Attorney Windmill Title, LLC
Ryan A. Rafoth
Windmill Title, LLC

Windmill Title LLC — Data Protection as Competitive Advantage

The Tennessee based title insurance provider, Windmill Title, has been a Boxcryptor user since 2015. It provides real estate closing and title insurance services to buyers, sellers, builders, brokers and lending institutions.

Like other title operations, Windmill Title collects and stores non-public information (NPI) of their consumers. Due to increasing regulatory pressure concerning security for NPI, Windmill Title decided to research encryption services and discovered Boxcryptor on the Internet. Windmill Title determined that by using strong encryption like Boxcryptor, non-public information is prevented from unauthorized disclosure even if its network defenses should fail.

Despite concerns that the support offered by Boxcryptor may not be the same as with a U.S. based software provider (e.g. problems caused by language barrier and distant time zones), Windmill Title found the Boxcryptor support to be helpful and responsive when needed. After the onboarding process was successfully completed, they rarely needed any support.

Windmill Title uses Boxcryptor for encrypting and retrieving inactive files almost every day. Boxcryptor helps Windmill Title comply with regulations, but maybe more importantly it enables Windmill Title to promote and leverage its strong information security for retention and acquisition of business relationships.

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