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Boxcryptor helps many businesses in various industries to meet their security requirements. Find out how you can work with the cloud in your industry in a secure way, thanks to Boxcryptor.

Protect the health data of your clients and patients with Boxcryptor.

Health Care

Cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box, allow companies from the healthcare industry to effortless access, synchronize, and share documents anywhere and anytime. Find out how you can profit from Boxcryptor in the health care industry and how important it is to protect the health data of your clients and patients.

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Protect the sensitive information of your clients and employees with Boxcryptor.


With Boxcryptor we support almost every cloud storage provider out there. This gives you freedom of choice and the chance to use your favorite cloud provider for your business as well. Find out how you can protect the sensitive information of your clients and employees.

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We provide a discount for educational institutions to enable collaboration for students, teachers and professors. Securely and affordably use the cloud with Boxcryptor. Find out how Boxcryptor supports educational institutions in securing their cloud-saved data.

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Financial Industries

Financial services are one of the top industries to profit from the cloud. Find out how Boxcryptor can help you protect your data from any unwanted access by third parties.

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Reggy-Charles Degen | CEO

Boxcryptor is an essential piece of software for the business, due to it being an additional security layer that is easy to be set up.

John Paul O'Gorman | VP Engineering
Keelvar Systems Ltd.

It is about protecting your company’s reputation and future viability.

Jan van Asselt (JPG)
Jan van Asselt | Data Protection Officer
Stichting Voedselhulp Nunspeet

Boxcryptor has been implemented so all employees who are processing personal, or financial data can use it to create and store the data compliant with GDPR regulations.

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