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The Benefits of Boxcryptor for the Healthcare Industry

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    Privacy regulation and HIPAA compliance with Dropbox and other cloud providers thanks to encryption

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    Cloud security “Made in Germany”

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    Higher data security in the cloud across smartphones, tablets and desktops

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    End-to-end encryption, directly on your device

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    Encryption for more than 30 cloud providers, NAS, File Server, local data, and more

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    Secure collaboration on files

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    Encrypted Cloud Storage in the Healthcare Industry with Boxcryptor

    Cloud storage in the Healthcare Industry

    Handling patient data responsibly is a high priority in our times, when new digital threats emerge every day. At the same time, the progressing digitalization increasingly demands that data is processed in an efficient and flexible way. Cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, provide a solution for this problem by making your data available in their data centers. However, especially with sensitive data, precautions have to be taken. You are giving your sensitive data out of your own hands and, as a consequence, you can never know for sure who can access it. Additional encryption by Boxcryptor solves this security problem and is imperative when working with sensitive information, such as patient histories and health data.

    Boxcryptor Data Protection in the Cloud for healthcare Industry

    Cloud? Yes. But What About Security?

    With Boxcryptor we solve the problem of data protection in the cloud, by encrypting all files right on your device with the most modern, technical standards. This makes sure that only encrypted data reaches your cloud storage provider. However, if you want to share files with a colleague or an insurance, you can do so with just a couple of clicks, because Boxcryptor comes with its very own access management system.

    Boxcryptor adds end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge standard to your cloud.

    The Principle of Boxcryptor

    Boxcryptor adds end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge standard to your cloud. Simply put, it makes sure that no one but you and your authorized team can access your data. Not even us, since we do not know your password. That way, even sensitive data can be stored in the cloud, in compliance with privacy laws. With Boxcryptor, the cloud becomes even more secure than your own hosted servers. Data privacy and server maintanance are outsourced to specialists. As a consequence, valuable working time of your employees is freed up for the important things.

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    Questions and Answers

    Is Boxcryptor GDPR and HIPAA compliant?

    GDPR: Boxcryptor qualifies as a state-of-the-art technical and organizational measure (TOM) to ensure GDPR compliance. Boxcryptor effectively protects sensitive data from unauthorized access. Additionally, when using encryption, the obligation to notify cases of data loss is omitted. This is due to the fact that nobody is able to exploit the lost or stolen data – no matter how sensitive the information contained is.

    HIPAA: As HIPAA describes a process, a software like Boxcryptor itself cannot be HIPAA compliant. But Boxcryptor helps healthcare companies to comply with the technical safeguards of HIPAA. Find out more about how encryption ensures compliance with privacy regulations here.

    Are Box, Dropbox, and other clouds GDPR and HIPAA compliant?

    While some cloud services offer HIPAA compliance for files stored on their servers, they cannot offer any protection for files downloaded to devices. Since these services automatically synchronize a large number of files with multiple devices, they expose healthcare providers to a significant HIPAA breach risk in case of a lost device.

    Our view on GDPR compliance of the biggest cloud providers are described in the linked article.

    Does Boxcryptor sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA)?

    Although Boxcryptor is optimized for cloud storage, it does not hold any ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) on its servers. Therefore, a Business Associate Agreement is not necessary. Boxcryptor encrypts the files locally on the user's device. Those encrypted files are only stored on the user's device and synchronized to the provider of choice. They are not stored on our servers. Moreover, all sensitive user information (e.g. private keys etc) is encrypted on the user's device before it is uploaded to our servers.

    Please contact us if you still have questions about a BAA. We are happy to review your individual case.

    What is ePHI?

    Electronic protected health information (ePHI) refers to any protected health information that is covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. It covers health data that is produced, saved, transferred or received in an electronic form.

    What is the best way to get to know Boxcryptor?

    Getting to know Boxcryptor is simple, convenient and most importantly, free and non-binding. There are two roads to take. Either you start a free 14-day trial to test the software in your team with the full functionality of our solutions for teams. Or you test Boxcryptor as a private user. You can use it for as long as you want. With our free license you can encrypt one cloud and access it on two devices. Upgrades for additional features are available at any time.

    How can the trustworthiness of the software be verified?

    Boxcryptor has been tested for security and vulnerabilities in an independent audit. The audit was carried out by the security firm Kudelski Security, with consistently positive results. Amongst other things, the insight into the code shows that no serious vulnerabilities were found by the security company. The full report is available on our blog.

    Can I get Boxcryptor funded with the “Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz” (German investment program)?

    Eligible projects to improve IT or cybersecurity must aim to prevent information security incidents. This includes, among other things, encrypted data transmission and encrypted mobile data carriers. The encryption software Boxcryptor supports the improvement of information security: With Boxcryptor, files such as patient information are encrypted before being stored in the actual storage location (e.g. cloud storage, NAS or file server).

    The Cloud in the Healthcare Industry: Free Whitepaper

    In our free whitepaper we give information on how the use of a securely encrypted cloud enhances the data security in your practice or organization, and how, at the same time, it helps you save costs.

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