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Collaborate within and outside of your primary or secondary school. Keep sensitive data of your students secure.

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Send an email to our Sales team to get more information about the process. We can also provide you with a test version of Boxcryptor for Schools so you can try it before you buy it. We offer a special discount for public primary and secondary schools, as we know how little their budget is.

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Your Educational Institution Can Benefit From Boxcryptor Cloud Encryption

How Your Public Primary or Secondary School Can Benefit From Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor encrypts your cloud and protects all your sensitive and personal data. The cloud makes your data available everywhere and it protects your files from loss through server problems. With additional encryption by Boxcryptor you fulfill important security criteria defined by the GDPR of the European Union and other privacy laws. Additionally, after a short introduction session, the program can be handled intuitively.

Boxcryptor for Educational Insititution: The cloud makes your data available everywhere and it protects your files from loss through server problems.

Boxcryptor – Predestined for Data Management in Schools

With the cloud, you arrived in the 21st century and therefore, in the age of digitalization. Thanks to Boxcryptor you can take this step into the future in a secure way. The cloud in combination with Boxcryptor enables you to simply manage your data across several devices and machines, wherever you are. With the features of Boxcryptor for Schools, you can manage access permissions for users or groups, you can manage your users in our admin interface, reset forgotten passwords or set up two-factor authentication.

Boxcryptor adds end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge standard to your cloud.

The Principle of Boxcryptor for Schools

Boxcryptor adds end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge standard to your cloud. Simply put, it makes sure that no one but you and your authorized team can access your data. Not even us, since we do not know your password. That way, even sensitive data can be stored in the cloud, in compliance with privacy laws. With Boxcryptor, the cloud becomes even more secure than your own hosted servers. Data privacy and server maintanance are outsourced to specialists. As a consequence, valuable working time of teachers and students is freed up for the important things.

To store files, you can use SharePoint as a central storage location for company data on the one hand, and OneDrive as a private storage location for small groups or individual users on the other.

Encrypted File Sharing for Schools within Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the central place for collaboration in Microsoft 365, combining chat, meetings, notes and attachments, connecting users, content and a wide variety of applications such as Excel, Word, as well as more than 150 third-party apps.

Schools that use Microsoft 365 as a cloud solution can also use Microsoft Teams. However, security and data protection with respect to the GDPR has been discussed intensively over the past weeks and months. We took a closer look at data protection and encryption at Microsoft.

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Benefits of Boxcryptor for Schools

  • share-colored

    Collaboration, audit and management features

  • end-to-end-encryption-colored

    Leading end-to-end encryption technology

  • clouds-colored

    Encryption for more than 30 cloud providers, NAS, File Server, local data, and more

  • made-in-germany-colored

    Cloud Security “Made in Germany” compliant with German privacy law

  • server-location-colored

    Company headquarters and server location in Germany, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified servers

  • discount-colored

    Generous offer for public secondary and primary schools.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can licenses of Boxcryptor for Schools also be issued to parents

    Yes. Licenses may also be granted to parents, as long as the use supports the school operation.

    What will happen to encrypted data as soon as a teacher or student will leave the school?

    The account will be removed from the Boxcryptor organization and downgraded to a Free plan. The access to personal, encrypted files is still possible.

    Is it currently possible to encrypt submissions via "tasks" in Microsoft Teams?

    At the moment this is unfortunately not possible. Our developers are evaluating an option to include encryption of task submissions, for the near future.

    Can messages also be encrypted?

    We are currently working on the option of sending encrypted messages in Microsoft Teams.

    How can I share encrypted documents with external people that don't have a Boxcryptor account?

    With the fully integrated Whisply function, data can be shared via end-to-end encryption. The receiver gets a link and can download the respecitve file in his or her Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, ...). Click here to find out more about Whisply.

    How can the trustworthiness of the software be verified?

    Boxcryptor has been tested for security and vulnerabilities in an independent audit. The audit was carried out by the security firm Kudelski Security, with consistently positive results. Amongst other things, the insight into the code shows that no serious vulnerabilities were found by the security company. The full report is available on our blog.