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Encryption “Made in Germany” – Highest Security for your Files in the Cloud

For Microsoft Teams

  • Supports the Microsoft Teams app for desktop
  • For Boxcryptor Company and Enterprise customers
  • Encrypted storage for confidential documents directly in Microsoft Teams
  • Send files encrypted in Microsoft Teams channels

Note: The initial setup of Boxcryptor in Microsoft Teams can only be performed by the Microsoft Teams administrator as well as the Boxcryptor administrator of your company. Our team will be happy to assist you with the setup. Contact us now.

Getting Started

Take a look at our slide show to make your first steps with Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams

Activate Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams

Activate Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams

Step 1: To make the Boxcryptor app available to all users of Boxcryptor Company or Enterprise, it must be uploaded once for the organization in the Microsoft Teams admin center. The Microsoft Teams Administrator adds the app package (.zip format) in Microsoft Teams according to the instructions in the installation file.