We are excited to share that we are set to begin a new chapter with Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is acquiring our IP technology to embed natively into the Dropbox product, bringing end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to millions of business customers around the world. Check out our blog to find out more!

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Cloud Encryptionfor the Finance Sector

Profit from the advantages of the cloud without neglecting data security.

Work with sensitive customer data in the cloud while staying compliant with privacy regulations.

Benefits of Boxcryptor for the Finance Sector

End-to-end encryption

Boxcryptor encrypts your files directly on the device, therefore the data is encrypted and secured before it is moved to the storage of your choice.

Zero-knowledge encryption

Boxcryptor complies with the zero-knowledge standard since the files are encrypted directly on the respective device. Boxcryptor can neither read files nor view passwords.

Secure collaboration

Boxcryptor supports team collaboration using group management for access rights. Data can be securely transmitted to outsiders as well using the Whisply service.

Protect all storage locations

Boxcryptor adds security to over 30 cloud providers. Protect your NAS, file servers, and local data as well.

Premium file protection

Boxcryptor ensures the confidentiality of information while the cloud provides availability and a backup option — An invincible combination.

Privacy Made in Germany

Boxcryptor is a German company, headquarters and servers are located in Germany. The data center is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

External certification

Boxcryptor has been audited by the independent security company Kudelski Security. The result: all security objectives are met, and the quality of the software has been verified.

HIPAA compliance

Thanks to Boxcryptor’s end-to-end encryption, you can store sensitive data in a cloud from any provider while staying compliant with HIPAA and other privacy standards.

Our Customers

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Cloud Storage for the Financial Industry

We understand that keeping client data secure and available is important to any company in the financial industry. Cloud storage providers simplify dealing with large amounts of data. You can access documents wherever you or your clients are, because your data is automatically synchronized on all your devices. Sharing even large amounts of data is no problem.

To protect privacy in these data exchanges, Boxcryptor encrypts all sensitive data before leaving a person’s computer. All confidential files are secure from unauthorized access — at any time.

Cloud encryption for financial industries

Cloud Security With End-to-end Encryption

As a financial institution or company, you have to be compliant with FINRA, SEC rules and many other regulations in terms of privacy. The cloud provider of your choice has to be compliant with the SEC “privacy of consumer financial information” rule which states that you have to ensure the privacy and the safety of your customer’s data.

Boxcryptor helps to comply with such regulations by adding end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge guarantee to the data storage of your choice. Read in our Case Study how our customer SNP Title Co. secures its sensitive data with Boxcryptor.

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Cloud Security With End-to-end Encryption

This is How Boxcryptor Works

Boxcryptor adds end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge standard to your cloud. In other words, it makes sure that no one but you can access your data. Not even us, since we do not know your password. That way, even sensitive data can be stored in the cloud in compliance with privacy laws, since no one but you and your authenticated users can access it.

Zero Knowledge Cloud Encryption


Boxcryptor also helps to comply with compliance and data protection rules that apply to the US financial industry. Learn more about the most important rules for data storage and the use of cloud storage in consideration of FINRA, SOX and FIPS in our blog article.

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