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End-to-end encryption for your cloud data

Protect your private data in the cloud with our free or personal plan. For freelancers and solo workers: Boxcryptor business keeps your sensitive data safe.

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More than 30 supported providers

Boxcryptor supports almost every cloud storage provider that is out there. This gives you the freedom of choice. Choose the best, the cheapest or the one that your friends use. You do not have to consider server locations or whether any third parties could access your data. With Boxcryptor these factors simply do not matter because only you can access your files in the cloud. Boxcryptor works great with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive among many others. Feel free to check our complete list.

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Boxcryptor adds end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge standard to your cloud.

Zero Knowledge

We believe that nobody but you should have access to your data without your knowledge or permission. Therefore, we designed Boxcryptor after the zero knowledge paradigm. This means that no third party can access your data. And of course, we cannot access it either. It is all under your control. Boxcryptor encrypts all your data on your device before transfering anything to your cloud storage provider.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Boxcryptor is an Easy-to-use Encryption Software

Seamless Integration into Your Workflow

Boxcryptor automatically detects your installed cloud storage providers and adds them to the virtual Boxcryptor drive. Every file you add to – or create within – the Boxcryptor drive can be easily encrypted. If you want to edit an encrypted file, just open it, make your changes and save it. That’s it. You do not need to do any extra work. Boxcryptor handles everything for you.

Boxcryptor for mobile (Android and iOS) is available for free and with many helpful features.

Free Mobile Apps with Many Features

Boxcryptor for mobile (Android and iOS) is fully available for you. No matter if you have a free, Personal, Business or team license: the use on mobile devices is facilitated by many practical features. Mark your favorites, unlock the app with fingerprint or face recognition, use the Camera Upload to automatically save all your smartphone photos encrypted in the cloud, or benefit from thumbnails of already viewed pictures.

Features at a Glance

Boxcryptor offers all you need to keep your data secure in the cloud

The free version includes...

  • One cloud provider

    Connect one cloud to store and edit your data securely.

  • Two devices

    Sync your encrypted data across two of your favorite devices.

  • Whisply integration

    Share securely encrypted files with people who do not use Boxcryptor or the cloud as well.

  • Community support

    You will get help from experienced users and our support agents in our community.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Confirm sign ins on a second device for higher account security.

  • Boxcryptor Personal adds...

  • Filename encryption

    Boost your data security with encrypted filenames.

  • Unlimited number of cloud providers

    Work with all your storage services in one secure place.

  • Unlimited number of devices

    Keep your data in sync across all your devices.

  • Reliable, fast email support

    Contact our support agents for any assistance you need.

  • Boxcryptor Business adds...

  • Business and professional use

    Protect your sensitive, business related data.

  • Higher priority for support cases

    Get help faster, in case there is a problem.

  • Group Management

    Group management makes it easier to organize different levels of access to data.

  • Group membership

    Let other Boxcryptor users add you to groups.

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    We all have information that needs to be kept confidential. @boxcryptor has worked well for me and when it didn't, the help team were superb

    Your encrypted data everywhere you go

    Boxcryptor is available on every major platform

    Get More Out of Boxcryptor

    Collaborate securely on files

    Boxcryptor Company and Boxcryptor Enterprise cater to business requirements of small teams or big companies by adding data security that is compliant with official privacy regulations. It offers premium features, such as user management, Active Directory support, two-factor authentication and many other useful features. Comply with internal and external compliance regulations while keeping the benefits of the cloud.

    More Clouds, Unlimited Devices

    Boxcryptor Personal and Boxcryptor Business for single users allow you to work with as many devices and cloud storage providers as you wish. Do you want to work with Google Drive and Dropbox from one secure place? No problem. Additionally, with an upgrade, you enhance your data privacy even more with filename encryption. These upgrades are the perfect fit for you if you want to add an extra layer of security on your files and folders across multiple devices and cloud storages.