Boxcryptor and the GDPR

How to be GDPR Compliant With Exemplary Data Protection Through Encryption

On this page you find a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about Boxcryptor with regard to the regulations of the European privacy law. Our focus lies on the GDPR-compliant storing of personal data, and on encryption as a technical and organizational measure (TOM) to protect personal data.

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  • GDPR and Encryption

    How Boxcryptor Can Help With the GDPR

    The GDPR is a regulation with great impact on all companies that handle personal data of Europeans. Find out, how exactly Boxcryptor can help with your organization’s GDPR compliance.

    State of the art encryption is one of the most important technical and organizational measures (TOM) of the GDPR to ensure that personal data is adequately protected. We discuss what state-of-the-art encryption means and how we can help.

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    How Boxcryptor Works

    Boxcryptor protects sensitive and personal data in the cloud. Files are encrypted end-to-end locally on users' devices before they are transferred to cloud storage. This means that the data can only be accessed with the appropriate authorization and important security criteria of the EU GDPR are met.

    Boxcryptor creates a virtual drive. Once set up, encryption takes place completely in the background. Programs and functions can continue to be used without any loss of comfort.

    If you need more information about how Boxcryptor's encryption works in detail, what data we store, how we manage users or how we protect passwords, then our technical overview is the right place for you.

    Further Information

    Whitepaper: The General Data Protection Regulation – Privacy in the Industry 4.0

    A whitepaper with a comprehensive overview of the GDPR: We collected the most important information to assist you with keeping in mind what's important, with regard to the GDPR. Your business is ready to take on the Industry 4.0 and you want to utilize the opportunities the GDPR brings with it? Then get our exclusive, free whitepaper now.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about the GDPR

    What is the GDPR?

    The GDPR is a new general data protection regulation of the European Union, and therefore it is binding for all countries that are part of the EU. It beacme effective on March 25, 2018. Its purpose is to strengthen data protection and privacy rights of all European citizens. The GDPR aims at unifying Data Protection laws in the EU and its main concern is, how personal data has to be protected by companies and organizations.

    What is personal data under the GDPR?

    In the GDPR, personal data is defined as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. It means that every data that makes a person identifiable falls under the definition of personal data. Examples are not just names, addresses, phone numbers, or the date of birth. But also less obvious data such as IP addresses, location data, or online identifiers such as cookie ID’s. Find more information as well as an infographic with examples from everyday life and worklife here.

    Who is affected by the GDPR?

    Every company or organization, no matter which size, that stores or handles personal data of European citizens is affected by the GDPR. Therefore, all American companies, for example, such as Facebook, Amazon, or Google, had to adapt to the GDPR.

    What does GDPR compliant mean?

    Companies and organizations have to be GDPR compliant, to not risk high penalties. GDPR comliance means that companies have to change their data protection settings according to the rules of the GDPR, which mostly means to protect personal data in an appropriate way so that no third party can steal, access and use the data. There are more areas, where an organization needs to be compliant, but the most central are secure data storage and processing, a compliant marketing setup, and the protection of the personal data of employees.

    What are the penalties if one does not comply with the GDPR?

    With the GDPR, penalties can be up to 20 million Euros or 4% of the worldwide annual turnover of the company, whichever is higher.

    Boxcryptor helps using OneDrive for Business securely.

    GDPR-Compliant Use of Microsoft 365

    End-to-end encryption with Boxcryptor can be used with Microsoft 365, as the encryption of data in Microsoft's corporate cloud OneDrive for Business is supported. This way, you protect business data and meet the requirements of the GDPR. Files stored in OneDrive via Sharepoint can also be encrypted.

    With the new integration of Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams, you can also use the popular collaboration platform to securely share and collaborate on files.

    Boxcryptor for Microsoft 365

    Encrypting OneDrive and SharePoint with Boxcryptor: Secure Collaboration for Teams

    This Boxcryptor for Teams webinar recording shows how to securely encrypt your OneDrive and SharePoint (video).

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