Encrypt Google Drive for Higher Data Privacy

Protect your sensitive files with Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor protects your Google Drive with end-to-end encryption and zero knowledge standard, which means that no one but you can access your data.

Your Benefits with Boxcryptor and Google Drive

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    Cloud security “Made in Germany”

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    Leading end-to-end encryption technology

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    Google Drive is detected automatically

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    Free for non-commercial use

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    Higher data security in the cloud across smartphones, tablets and desktops

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    Encryption for more than 30 cloud providers, NAS, File Server, local data, and more

  • Store your data in Google Drive and encrypt yxour files with Boxcryptor

    Additional Security for Google Drive

    Google Drive allows you to access your data wherever you are. It is optimized for the use with other Google services, which is very convenient. If you want to add flawless security to this convenient cloud provider, you are in the right place. Boxcryptor protects your Google Drive with end-to-end encryption and with zero knowledge standard, which means that no one but you can access your data, neither us, nor Google, nor any other third party. At Google Drive you get 15 GB for free, and to protect one cloud with Boxcryptor is free, too. Keep in control of your personal data with our encryption solution.

    With Boxcryptor, every file you add to your Google Drive will be encrypted automatically.

    Seamless Integration with Google Drive

    Boxcryptor creates a virtual drive on your PC or Mac and automatically detects your Google Drive and your other cloud providers. In this Boxcryptor drive you can manage all your clouds in one safe place. Encrypting and protecting your data is simple. Just create a new folder in your Google Drive folder in the Boxcryptor drive and choose to encrypt it. Now here comes the great part: Everything you copy to or save inside an encrypted folder will be encrypted automatically. Boxcryptor handles everything for you. Encryption is on-the-fly, which means that you can work with your encrypted data in your Boxcryptor drive as if it were any other folder. There is no need to decrypt the files manually before you use them.

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    Add Boxcryptor Company or Enterprise to your company's cloud to improve your data privacy and help with your privacy regulation compliance. Get started with Boxcryptor with a free 14-day trial. If you decide to continue with a paid plan afterwards, additional setup steps are not necessary.

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    Our Customers

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    Encrypting Google Drive with Boxcryptor: Secure Collaboration for Teams

    This Boxcryptor for Teams webinar recording shows how to securely encrypt your Google Drive (video).

    Questions and Answers

    Does Boxcryptor use up more storage space on my PC or Mac?

    No, Boxcryptor does not use up more or double the space. Some users fear that we store files twice on the machine, encrypted, and unencrypted. This is not the case; the files are only stored once.

    Can users still share links with friends and colleagues, even with encryption?

    Of course. Files and folders can easily be shared with other Boxcryptor users. For friends and colleagues who do not have a Boxcryptor account, we created Whisply to help share files securely.

    Can I encrypt Google Docs files with Boxcryptor?

    For technical reasons it is not possible to encrypt documents in Google Docs. Boxcryptor works with local files and Google Docs documents are not available locally.

    Is Boxcryptor compatible with Google Backup and Sync and Google Drive File Stream?

    Yes, Boxcryptor works with Google Drive for Desktop, the successor of the two applications “Backup and Sync” and “Google Drive File Stream”. Read more in our blog.

    How can I encrypt Google Drive with Boxcryptor?

    Boxcryptor automatically detects your Google Drive when using Google Drive for desktop (the successor of Google Drive File Stream and Google Backup & Sync) and adds it as a location to the Boxcryptor drive. Read more about Boxcryptor and Google Drive.

    How can the trustworthiness of the software be verified?

    Boxcryptor has been tested for security and vulnerabilities in an independent audit. The audit was carried out by the security firm Kudelski Security, with consistently positive results. Amongst other things, the insight into the code shows that no serious vulnerabilities were found by the security company. The full report is available on our blog.

    How secure is Google Drive?

    Unlike hard drives, for example, data stored in the cloud is very well protected, as physical events like fires or burglaries can not affect your cloud-stored data. Nevertheless, individuals have to secure files that they save in a cloud since many cloud storage providers do not offer end-to-end encryption. With Boxcryptor, you can encrypt your data before uploading it in the cloud.