Encryption for Microsoft 365

More protection for your data when using OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams with Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor keeps your documents secure through end-to-end encryption to protect your data when using Microsoft 365.

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Benefits of Boxcryptor for Teams

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    Enterprise user management through SSO and SCIM support

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    Secure collaboration on files

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    Encryption for more than 30 cloud providers, NAS, File Server, local data, and more

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    Company headquarters and server location in Germany, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified servers

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    Higher data security in the cloud across smartphones, tablets and desktops

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    Privacy Regulation compliant cloud security thanks to encryption

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    Leading end-to-end encryption technology

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    Positive security audit of the Boxcryptor code through Kudelski Security

  • Seamless Integration with OneDrive

    Seamless Integration with OneDrive

    When you install OneDrive and Boxcryptor on your PC or Mac, Boxcryptor creates a virtual drive and automatically adds your OneDrive to it. Inside this virtual folder you can create encrypted folders. Everything you store in those folders will be encrypted automatically and, therefore, will be perfectly safe. Encryption is on-the-fly, which means that in this drive you can work with your files as usual. Boxcryptor handles the encryption for you in the background.

    SharePoint Encryption with Boxcryptor

    Additional Security for Microsoft SharePoint

    SharePoint allows you to access your data no matter where you are. If you want to increase the privacy of your sensitive data in this convenient storage solution, Boxcryptor helps. Since SharePoint does not always store data locally, there are some minor limitations.

    Boxcryptor is specialized in cloud storage solutions like OneDrive. You can only encrypt data in SharePoint with Boxcryptor if you have set up a synchronization to the local OneDrive in SharePoint.

    To store files, you can use SharePoint as a central storage location for company data on the one hand, and OneDrive as a private storage location for small groups or individual users on the other.

    Encryption within Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is the central place for collaboration in Microsoft 365, combining chat, meetings, notes and attachments, connecting users, content and a wide variety of applications such as Excel, Word, as well as more than 150 third-party apps.

    Companies that use Microsoft 365 as a cloud solution can also use Microsoft Teams. However, security and data protection with respect to the GDPR is still a serious concern. We took a closer look at data protection and encryption at Microsoft.

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    In our regular webinars, Elizabeth Demireva from Boxcryptor presents the encryption software in a demo. The integration into Microsoft Teams is also part of the webinar. Afterward, she will be available to answer your questions.

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    Encrypting OneDrive and SharePoint with Boxcryptor: Secure Collaboration for Teams

    This Boxcryptor for Teams webinar recording shows how to securely encrypt your OneDrive and SharePoint (video).

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    Questions and Answers

    Can I still share files and folders, even with encryption?

    Yes of course. You can easily share securely encrypted files and folders with other Boxcryptor users. For sharing with friends who do not use Boxcryptor or a cloud, you can use our service Whisply, which is fully integrated into Boxcryptor.

    Does Boxcryptor work with OneDrive Files On-Demand?

    Yes, you can activate OneDrive Files On-Demand and still work with Boxcryptor. This way, you safe valuable disk space, since your data is only stored in the cloud per default. Even those online only files can be securely encrypted with Boxcryptor.

    How is SharePoint connected to OneDrive?

    OneDrive for Business is automatically included in SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online users automatically see their SharePoint Online sites in their OneDrive for Business overview. For users of the normal OneDrive cloud, there is no connection to SharePoint.

    Can I use Boxcryptor with OneDrive and Sharepoint?

    Boxcryptor works very well with OneDrive and SharePoint and helps you to protect your private data as well as sensitive business data of your company, your clients and your employees. Learn more about OneDrive, SharePoint, and Boxcryptor in our Blogpost: How to Make the Best of Microsoft OneDrive.

    Does Boxcryptor support SharePoint Online?

    Yes, Share Point Online is supported by all mobile platforms. Simply add this provider with the respective login credentials. On a PC and a Mac, Share Point Online may be integrated via the OneDrive application, or via the Windows Explorer or the (Mac) Finder. Boxcryptor automatically detects the integration via OneDrive application. The integration via Windows Explorer / (Mac) Finder has to be set manually via the Boxcryptor settings.

    SharePoint Online has to be snycronised locally.

    Who can use Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams?

    Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams is available for all Boxcryptor Company and Enterprise customers. It is not available for individual users on Boxcryptor Free, Personal or Business plans. If you are interested to use Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams in your organization, you can start a free 14-day Boxcryptor Company trial or reach out to our sales team for more information. Boxcryptor Company is already available for 5 users and more.

    Where can I use Boxcryptor in Microsoft Teams?

    Boxcryptor is available in three locations in Microsoft Teams:

    1. As a personal app in the left navigation bar. The personal app connects with your own OneDrive so that you can access your own encrypted files.
    2. As a channel app in a channel's tab bar. The channel app connects with the channel's SharePoint folder so that all channel members can access encrypted files. Access is possible via the Boxcryptor tab as preview and download, and via the Boxcryptor virtual drive directly.
    3. As a message extension app in channels' and direct chats' message compose boxes. The message extension app allows you to post and view encrypted files and messages for other channel members in the channel chat, or in direct chats. Encrypted files uploaded in the channel chat are stored in the channel's encrypted files root folder.

    All three apps are included in the app package you need for the installation and are installed as a complete package.

    Can I edit Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) documents in Boxcryptor?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Microsoft Teams uses Office Online to create, view, and edit Office documents. Office Online is provided and run by Microsoft and requires Office documents to be sent to Microsoft’s servers in unencrypted form. For security reasons, Boxcryptor does not send plaintext data to Microsoft and thus does not support Office Online for editing documents.

    However, for Microsoft Office documents, as well as for images and PDF files, there is a preview function so that no download or opening of the file is necessary to view the content.

    The recommended workflow for editing Office documents in Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams is to sync the Boxcryptor tab with the local SharePoint. Open, edit, and resave documents directly from the Boxcryptor virtual drive using SharePoint integration. Saved changes are then available automatically in Teams. Alternatively, files can be downloaded from Microsoft Teams, edited, and then manually uploaded again. If a file with the same name already exists, Boxcryptor will ask if it should be overwritten or skipped.

    How can the trustworthiness of the software be verified?

    Boxcryptor has been tested for security and vulnerabilities in an independent audit. The audit was carried out by the security firm Kudelski Security, with consistently positive results. Amongst other things, the insight into the code shows that no serious vulnerabilities were found by the security company. The full report is available on our blog.

    How secure is Microsoft 365?

    Unlike hard drives, for example, data stored in the cloud is very well protected, as physical events like fires or burglaries can not affect your cloud-stored data. Nevertheless, individuals have to secure files that they save in a cloud since many cloud storage providers do not offer end-to-end encryption. With Boxcryptor, you can encrypt your data before uploading it in the cloud.