Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams

Use Boxcryptor to encrypt files and messages in Microsoft Teams. Collaborate successfully in the Microsoft Cloud without giving up control over your data.

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Encrypted Messages in Microsoft Teams chat

Protection for Your Files in Microsoft Teams

If you want to increase the protection of your sensitive document in Microsoft Teams, Boxcryptor can help. The end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge paradigm makes sure that only you can access your data — not us, not Microsoft, and no unauthorized third parties can read or view your data.

Microsoft Teams in combination with Boxcryptor offers you one of the most user-friendly and secure storage for your files in the cloud. Learn in the tutorial how the SetUp of the Boxcryptor app in Microsoft Teams works and how exactly you can use Boxcryptor.

Seamless Integration with SharePoint

SharePoint Integration

Microsoft Teams uses SharePoint to manage files, including documents encrypted with Boxcryptor. SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Boxcryptor. Edit encrypted files directly from within the Boxcryptor virtual drive. No need for time-consuming downloading of copies, and after saving, the updated document is available for preview directly in Microsoft Teams.

A Look Inside Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams

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To store files, you can use SharePoint as a central storage location for company data on the one hand, and OneDrive as a private storage location for small groups or individual users on the other.

First Steps with Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams in combination with Boxcryptor provides you with an easy-to-use and secure storage space for your data in the cloud. Once set up, all users of the Teams app benefit from strong end-to-end encryption, Made in Germany. Learn how the setup of the Boxcryptor app works in Microsoft Teams, and how exactly you can use Boxcryptor, in our guide.

Step by Step Guide
Boxcryptor for teams for all team sizes

Boxcryptor for Companies and Enterprises

Boxcryptor for Teams brings the benefits of encryption to your company. It provides a solution to collaborate securely on files in the cloud while being compliant with internal and external regulations. Define custom policies, manage your users, for example with Active Directory Support, and protect your accounts with two-factor authentication - just to name a few of many Boxcryptor Company features.

With Boxcryptor Enterprise, you can add Boxcryptor to your SSO solution, you get premium support, personal setup assistance, and more.

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Boxcryptor helps using OneDrive for Business securely.

GDPR-Compliant Use of Microsoft 365

End-to-end encryption with Boxcryptor can be used with Microsoft 365, as the encryption of data in Microsoft's corporate cloud OneDrive for Business is supported. This way, you protect business data and meet the requirements of the GDPR. Files stored in OneDrive via Sharepoint can also be encrypted.

With the new integration of Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams, you can also use the popular collaboration platform to securely share and collaborate on files.

Boxcryptor for Microsoft 365

Free Whitepaper: Data Protection and Encryption in Microsoft Teams

In this whitepaper, we have taken a closer look at how Microsoft protects the business data of customers and will give you five tips on how you can achieve more security and data protection in your company without spending too much time.

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The Benefits Boxcryptor Brings to Microsoft Teams:

File with Lock
Encrypted Storage

Files and folders are securely encrypted, directly within Microsoft Teams.

Secure Sharing

Share files securely encrypted within channels and chats in Microsoft Teams.

Speech bubble with lock
Encrypted Messages

Send encrypted messages directly from within Microsoft Teams’ chats and channels.

Cloud and Lock
Add Additional Providers

Integrate other providers and cloud storage locations for secure encryption to Boxcryptor.

Boxcryptor: Secure Collaboration for Teams

This Boxcryptor for Teams webinar recording shows how to securely encrypt your OneDrive and SharePoint (video).

Join our Free Webinar: Boxcryptor for Teams

In our regular webinars, Elizabeth Demireva from Boxcryptor presents the encryption software in a demo. The integration into Microsoft Teams is also part of the webinar. Afterward, she will be available to answer your questions.

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The Features of Boxcryptor Company and Enterprise

Boxcryptor offers all you need to protect your data in the cloud.

Boxcryptor Company

For teams with up to 50 users. Includes all features of Boxcryptor for Individuals.

  • Master Key

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    The Master Key allows the admin to decrypt every file in your company or organization – without having to know the user’s passwords. This way, you stay in control of your files even when a user forgets his password or leaves the company. Learn More.

  • Customizable Policies

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    Define custom policies to comply with internal or external security guidelines. You can specify a minimum password length, IP login restrictions, enforcing filename encryption, and more.

  • Active Directory Support

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    Integrate Boxcryptor into your workflow faster: Sync your Boxcryptor users with the users in your existing directory (e.g. Active Directory or LDAP) and reduce management overhead.

  • Activity Auditing

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    Track the activities of your Boxcryptor users to be notified about important events requiring immediate response such as suspicious login attempts, policy violations, or changes in permissions.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

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    With two-factor authentication, users have to confirm each login with a second device – for example their smartphone. Once it is set up, 2FA enhances account security without creating a complicated workflow.

  • User Password Reset

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    The Master Key allows admins to reset passwords and prevent data loss when a user forgets his or her password. Have a look at our technical overview for more information.

  • User management

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    Manage all users and company defined settings using the web admin interface, making administration centralized and comfortable.

  • Group Management

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    Group management makes it easier to coordinate different access levels, resulting in better security. Specify who in your organization can access and edit which files and folders using the grouping feature.

  • Whisply Integration

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    Whisply lets you share end-to-end encrypted data with external partners and customers via a simple link, even if they do not use Boxcryptor or the cloud. You can set your customized link expiration date as well as protect the files with an additional PIN or password.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration

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    Use Boxcryptor to encrypt your sensible data in the central communication hub of Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Teams. Combined with Boxcryptor, this duo offers one of the most user-friendly and secure cloud storage options out there.

  • Boxcryptor Enterprise

    For teams with 50+ users. Includes all features of Boxcryptor Company.

  • Single Sign-On

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    Make user management faster, more effective, and more secure by adding Boxcryptor to your existing identity provider, such as Active Directory or OneLogin. Your system may be eligible for Quick Setup (Check here).

  • User Provisioning

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    Automate the exchange of user identity information between IT systems and centralize the management of users and groups through SCIM.

  • Account Capture

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    Users that sign up for Boxcryptor with your company email address are automatically added to your Enterprise account. You can also capture existing Boxcryptor users with your company email address if necessary.

  • Customer-Managed Keys

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    If you wish to manage your own keys in-house, we can make it possible for you. Contact us for more information on how to set this up.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

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    Your assigned account manager will be on your side every step of the way, helping you with anything you need and making things as convenient for you as possible.

  • Premium Support

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    Our fast and reliable premium support will never leave you hanging. Contact our support agents if you have any questions or are experiencing issues. Support is available during Central European business hours.

  • Personal Setup Assistance

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    Do you need help with setting up features, adding accounts, or with briefing your employees on how to get started with Boxcryptor? We are always happy to assist you via phone, video call, or by providing any onboarding material you need.

  • Not a Boxcryptor Customer Yet?

    If you are interested in Boxcryptor and encryption in Microsoft Teams, we are happy to help.

    More information

    Who can use Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams?

    Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams is available for all Boxcryptor Company and Enterprise customers. It is not available for individual users on Boxcryptor Free, Personal or Business plans. If you are interested to use Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams in your organization, you can start a free 14-day Boxcryptor Company trial or reach out to our sales team for more information. Boxcryptor Company is already available for 5 users and more.

    Where can I use Boxcryptor in Microsoft Teams?

    Boxcryptor is available in three locations in Microsoft Teams:

    1. As a personal app in the left navigation bar. The personal app connects with your own OneDrive so that you can access your own encrypted files.
    2. As a channel app in a channel's tab bar. The channel app connects with the channel's SharePoint folder so that all channel members can access encrypted files. Access is possible via the Boxcryptor tab as preview and download, and via the Boxcryptor virtual drive directly.
    3. As a message extension app in channels' and direct chats' message compose boxes. The message extension app allows you to post and view encrypted files and messages for other channel members in the channel chat, or in direct chats. Encrypted files uploaded in the channel chat are stored in the channel's encrypted files root folder.

    All three apps are included in the app package you need for the installation and are installed as a complete package.

    Can I edit Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) documents in Boxcryptor?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Microsoft Teams uses Office Online to create, view, and edit Office documents. Office Online is provided and run by Microsoft and requires Office documents to be sent to Microsoft’s servers in unencrypted form. For security reasons, Boxcryptor does not send plaintext data to Microsoft and thus does not support Office Online for editing documents.

    However, for Microsoft Office documents, as well as for images and PDF files, there is a preview function so that no download or opening of the file is necessary to view the content.

    The recommended workflow for editing Office documents in Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams is to sync the Boxcryptor tab with the local SharePoint. Open, edit, and resave documents directly from the Boxcryptor virtual drive using SharePoint integration. Saved changes are then available automatically in Teams. Alternatively, files can be downloaded from Microsoft Teams, edited, and then manually uploaded again. If a file with the same name already exists, Boxcryptor will ask if it should be overwritten or skipped.

    Can I access the encrypted channel files in the Boxcryptor clients?

    Yes, via Boxcryptor’s SharePoint integration you can access all encrypted files in the Boxcryptor virtual drive. To synchronize all your files and make them available to direct access, just hit the Sync-Button in the top-left corner of the Boxcryptor tab.

    Additionally, you can preview Microsoft Office, PDF, and image files directly in the Boxcryptor tab without leaving the Microsoft Teams app or downloading the file. Downloading files and saving them to a custom location on your device is also still available but not recommended or required.

    Can Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams be covered by the Digitalbonus Bayern?

    If you would like to introduce Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams in your company and the company headquarters is located in Bavaria, Germany, you can apply for a grant from the state. We have compiled all information about the Digitalbonus Bayern here.

    Can I encrypt chats in Microsoft Teams?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to encrypt entire chats in Microsoft Teams. With Boxcryptor, however, you have the option to send specific, encrypted messages. Encrypted messages can be selected in direct chats and channels via the message extension in the message compose box. For technical reasons, a limit of 2,000 characters is available for encrypted messages. An unencrypted subject can also be added to find messages later using the search function.

    Optionally, a freely configurable expiration period for encrypted messages can be specified, after which the message can no longer be decrypted.

    On which platforms can I use Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams?

    Our integration with Microsoft Teams is available on all major platforms, both desktop and mobile. You can collaborate seamlessly on Windows and Mac, as well as Android and iOS. Additionally, Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams is also available in browsers.

    Can I share encrypted files in Microsoft Teams?

    Yes, the Boxcryptor integration with Microsoft Teams allows secure sharing of documents and messages. There are several ways available: In public and private channels, you can use the Boxcryptor tab to upload and download documents and preview the most common file types. In chats and public channels, you can also share encrypted documents and messages directly via message extension.

    By linking to your teams' SharePoint, files can also be opened and edited directly from the Boxcryptor virtual drive.

    For secure sharing, links to your encrypted files and folders can also be created. This is possible via right-clicking on the item to be shared. The links can be shared inside and outside Microsoft Teams and lead directly to the storage location of the respective documents.