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SugarSync encryption for highest data security

Boxcryptor - Secure your Cloud

  • Fast and easy SugarSync encryption

  • AES-256 algorithms to protect all your files

  • Security solution for business and private use

  • Free version for non-commercial use

Easy Collaboration

Boxcryptor allows you to securely share encrypted files and folders with others.
Sync your data with your team and use
the benefits of the cloud.

Highest Security

Boxcryptor uses military-standard
AES-256 and RSA encryption
algorithms - both on the servers
and during transmission.

All Devices and Clouds

Boxcryptor is available for Windows, 
Mac OS XAndroidiOSWindows Phone as well as Blackberry, and supports many more popular cloud providers.


Encrypt SugarSync - easy and secure

With SugarSync you can access, sync, and share all your files and folders anytime, anywhere. If you make changes or add new files, SugarSync will automatically sync your files to the cloud and you can access them from any device including smartphones and tablets. However, to do this with total security it is necessary to add the Boxcryptor security layer to all your files in SugarSync. Using the encryption standard AES-256, Boxcryptor keeps all your files and folders protected at all times. Your data is already encrypted on your local device before transmission. With Boxcryptor you can benefit from all advantages of SugarSync to store your files in the cloud without giving up on privacy and security.

If you are using SugarSync and want to have maximum security for your files, Boxcryptor is the right solution for you. With SugarSync and Boxcryptor you have the best of both worlds: a cloud storage provider who reliably syncs your files on all your devices and the necessary encryption to protect all your data before it leaves your device and goes to the cloud.

Whether you are looking for a free version for personal use or you have a business in need of a commercial solution, Boxcryptor offers the highest security for your SugarSync. Try it now.

“The advantages of using the cloud are many; nevertheless it is not worth taking the risk that our data can fall into the wrong hands. Thanks to Boxcryptor we can benefit from using the cloud without risking the security of our data.”
Uwe Kummerow - Managing Director/COO
TeamSpeak Systems GmbH

“We had been looking for a reliable solution that could ensure the security of our cloud stored data. Boxcryptor is the perfect solution that finally gave us the assurance we needed.”
Benjamin Bremen - CEO