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Building an App with WebCrypto

Building an App with WebCrypto in 2016 – Dos and Don’ts from the Front

Creating an end-to-end encrypted file transfer service that works in all browsers gave us important insights into the specifics of WebCrypto. Now we want to share our experiences with creating Whisply with you.

Best IT TV Series

The 5 Best IT TV-Series – Of Hackers and Nerds

Are you looking for a new TV series for a rainy weekend? Here are the 5 best IT series that center on technology, the IT-world, and cybercrime.

Tipps for Smartphone Use on the Beach

How Your Smartphone Survives the Next Beach Vacation

We want to make sure your smartphone survives your vacation even when you take it with you anywhere you go. Here are some basic and handy smartphone tricks that everyone should follow when travelling.

Cloudfogger Alternative

Cloudfogger Shut Down – Here is Your Alternative

Two months ago, the encryption tool Cloudfogger discontinued its service. Are you looking for an alternative? We compare the features of Cloudfogger and Boxcryptor and show how simple it is to switch to Boxcryptor.

Security Tips for your Smartphone

Security for Your Smartphone – Tips and Some Helpful Apps

Our smartphone more and more turns into a virtual manifestation of our identity. Protect yourself and your privacy with these simple security measures and some helpful, free apps.


Cybercrime 2016 and 2017 | The Worst Cases

Cybercrime is constantly on the rise, since more and more interactions take place in cyberspace. This article and infographic give an overview of the worst cases of cybercrime in 2016 and 2017.

Boxcryptor IT Security Blog

Post Mortem Partial Outage on 07/19/16

Yesterday, our service has been partially down and service was severly impacted, due to a misconfiguration of a new load balancer. I am deeply sorry for all users who have been affected and for example could not sign in to their accounts.

encryption of personal data

Storing Personal Data in the Cloud – Encryption as a Solution

Is encrypted data still personal data and therefore needs special protection in the cloud? In this article we want to discuss this topic, with the focus on German privacy law and regulations.