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Dropbox in Germany

Dropbox Opens first German Office and Enables Data Storage in Germany

Dropbox opens its first German office in Hamburg and reacts on the rising demand of European customers. Additionally, the cloud provider announced to offer data storage on German servers in the near future.

Zero Knowledge Encryption

Zero Knowledge Cloud: How to Keep Your Data Safe and Private

There have been many incidents in the past that show how important cloud security is. We explain what zero knowledge actually means and why you should rely on this encryption standard when using cloud storage.

Boxcryptor Update – mobile editing of encrypted documents

Boxcryptor Update – mobile editing of encrypted documents in Excel, Word, and more

Today, we are happy to present our Boxcryptor update for iOS and Android. It brings to you a new feature, which makes editing encrypted documents in third party apps possible.

Boxcryptor IT Security Blog

Time to drop TrueCrypt

The internet community is alarmed. The website of the popular encryption software TrueCrypt was replaced by a vague and mysterious announcement stating that TrueCrypt "is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues".

Amazon Cloud Drive is Supported by Boxcryptor

Amazon Cloud Drive Now Supported by Boxcryptor On all Platforms

We are happy to inform you that Boxcryptor now supports Amazon Cloud Drive on all platforms. It allows users to secure their files on their device before uploading them to the Amazon servers. Availabe for Windows, macOS and mobile.


Snowden and Assange in Berlin – for Investigative Journalism and against Surveillance

This weekend, the Logan CIJ (Center of investigative Journalism) Symposium took place in Berlin, and attracted many high profile whistleblowers, journalists and hacktivists. They discussed topics like democracy, investigative journalism and freedom.

The 5 Best Hacker Movies

The 5 Best Hacker Movies

In hacker movies technical details are sometimes put aside in favor of suspense and understandability. Still, a good hacker movie shows us the possibilities and dangers of the cyber world. Here are our 5 favorites.

Best Clouds for Companies

Business Clouds - Find the Best Cloud with our Comparison

In this list we compare four clouds that are popular amongst companies who work in the cloud. Also, we give you a short overview of what you have to be aware of when choosing a cloud.