We are excited to share that we are set to begin a new chapter with Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is acquiring our IP technology to embed natively into the Dropbox product, bringing end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to millions of business customers around the world. Check out our blog to find out more!

We Celebrate Our Book Release—Your Chance to Win! (CLOSED)

For us at Boxcryptor, Christmas came a quarter early this year: after more than a year and a half of work, we finally hold our finished book “Data Security and Cloud Encryption for Dummies” in our hands (note: the book is available in German exclusively). In addition to the free ebook, we also received a whole bunch of freshly printed paperback copies. Some of them—and more—are up for grabs today. How? Find out here!

How to Participate

We wrote our own “... for Dummies” book to get even more people excited about the cloud, but also about data security and encryption. The content has been composed based on our own experiences: What questions are our followers asking? What challenges do companies interested in Boxcryptor face? And how did our customers find Boxcryptor in the first place?

Here’s where you come in: We’ve put over ten years of experience into our book. Nevertheless, there are always new perspectives that we would like to learn about. That’s why we are interested in your personal “Boxcryptor story”. For example, write us how you found Boxcryptor, what your best experience with the cloud was, who you're dying to convince about encryption—or simply why you like reading our book. Whether in one sentence or more: we look forward to your submissions! You can choose the way you want to participate:

  • Via Twitter, by tagging us (@boxcryptorDE) in your post and using the hashtag #BoxcryptorStory
  • Via LinkedIn, by tagging us (@Secomba GmbH | Boxcryptor)
  • By mail with subject “#BoxcryptorStory” to dummies@boxcryptor.com.

Participation is possible until and including 31/10/2022.
We will draw a total of 10 gift bundles from all entries. We will notify the winners by sending a message to the email address used for the entry. If the prize is not accepted within two weeks, we will redraw any outstanding prizes from the remaining entries. The legal process is excluded. Employees of Secomba GmbH and their relatives are excluded from participation.

We will subsequently publish a selection of the answers sent in, anonymously if desired. With your entry you agree to a possible publication.

What Is There to Win?

3x the Boxcryptor fan package (complete with T-shirt, our team hoodie, and other goodies), including a 1-year license for Boxcryptor Business and two print copies of our “For Dummies …” book—one for you and one to give away.
7x each a print copy of our book, plus a 1-year license for Boxcryptor Business

Recommend Boxcryptor—and Get Rewarded

By the way, you don't have to win to get our Boxcryptor fan package. Since a few years you automatically get a big fan package including a lifetime license for Boxcryptor Personal, if you successfully refer us to a company.
You think Boxcryptor should be used at your workplace or know someone who should definitely know about it? We reward every successful referral.

Tip: “Data Security and Cloud Encryption for Dummies” has been written not only as a general guide, but also as a decision-making tool for the privacy-conscious. Maybe it will help you to convince your boss about Boxcryptor?

We hope you will have an entertaining time reading it and still be able to take away one or the other new detail. Enjoy the read!

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