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Boxcryptor – Secure File Sharing with External Users

Oftentimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need to share sensitive data with external parties. Sending files via email may the most common method, however that is not an option for us due to the lack of security. Have you ever run into a similar issue? We regularly use Whisply, an integrated service from Boxcryptor, which enables secure file sharing with people who do not have access to the corporate Boxcryptor account.

How Does Secure File Sharing with Whisply Work?

At Boxcryptor, it is our mission to encourage others not to send their sensitive corporate data unprotected. You can choose between two options to send your end-to-end-encrypted files securely with Whisply: either via the Whisply website or directly within the Boxcryptor drive.

Send files securely via the Whisply website

First, open the Whisply website where you can upload the desired file. You can either drag and drop it directly in the upload field or select it by clicking on the orange button “PRESS TO CHOOSE”.

7-3 Screenshot-Whisply-first step

Next, choose between one of the three cloud providers specified and enter your credentials. Whisply supports connection to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

7-3 Screenshot-Whisply -third step

Screenshot Whisply - 3rd Step_Sign in

You will then need to grant access to the selected cloud provider so that Whisply can upload your files securely. To do this, click “Accept” to be redirected.

Whisply Screenshot_4th step_Granting Access

Securely send files directly from your Boxcryptor drive

If you are a Boxcryptor user, there is another way to send files securely available to you: simply upload using your Boxcryptor drive. You can generate a Whisply link within your Boxcryptor interface switfly and with ease.

To do this, just right-click on the desired file, select Boxcryptor in the context menu and click Create Whisply Link.

7-3 Screenshot-Whisply - second step

Before the Whisply link can be finalized, you need to close all open files that you wish to send. You should also make sure that the respective cloud is synchronized to avoid any potential problems. Once you have closed the file and synchronized your cloud, you can confirm this by clicking OK.

Whisply_Screenshot_7th step_File Overview

Whisply will now ask you to provide your credentials with your cloud provider and authenticate yourself. Please follow the instructions until you are redirected to the Whisply website.

After the file is uploaded, you are presented with a window where you can choose between three different security levels.

Screenshot-Whisply step 4

Link: With this option, you can send the Whisply link via end-to-end encryption to the people you wish. Please note that anyone who receives this link will be able to access the attached files.

Link & PIN: To further protect your Whisply link in addition to its end-to-end encryption, you can provide it with a four-digit PIN. Only users who were given this PIN will be able to download the file behind the Whisply link.

Link & Password: The third alternative is equipping the Whisply link with a user-defined password instead of the PIN. In this case the other party must receive both the link and the password generated by you to access the file.

To get a better rundown of the Whisply functions, we recommend taking a look at the technical overview.

In this example, we went with the second security level, where a link is sent via end-to-end encryption and can be accessed with a PIN.

Whisply now creates a link with end-to-end encryption, which we can send directly via email or SMS. The link can also be copied to the clipboard first and sent in another way.

Screenshot-Whisply step 5

To access the file behind the Whisply link, the recipient now also needs the generated PIN, which is sent in the next or last step. You have the option here as well to send the PIN by e-mail or SMS or to copy it to the clipboard.

Whisply Screenshot_10th step_Send PIN

Download files through Whisply

Once the recipient has obtained both the Whisply link and the generated PIN, they can access the file. Now all they need to do is click on the link and enter the PIN; if correct, the file will start downloading securely.

Screenshot-Whisply step 6


In order to use Whisply to its full extent, you should review its limitations and requirements. While you are allowed to send as many files as you want, the total file size is limited to 1 GB.

Furthermore, you should ensure that you are using an up-to-date browser. Whisply works best on the most recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox. Please note that Whisply cannot be used in Chrome's incognito mode as some features used by Whisply are not compatible with this incognito mode.

As of this moment it is not possible to create Whisply links from OneDrive Germany via the website. However, this function is available if you use the Boxcryptor Desktop App.

A Few Clicks – Lots of Security

Thanks to Whisply, it is possible to send encrypted files securely via end-to-end encryption to anyone, even external users who do not use any encryption solution. You can add further security measures to the Whisply links so that only authorized people have access to the sensitive data you are sending. Whisply let's you send important documents with just a few clicks and a high level of security. This way, your data will be safely protected from potential attackers while you keep full control.

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