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GDPR Apps (Smartphone and Tablet)
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

GDPR Apps – Helpful Tools for the New European Data Law

If you are one of those people, who deal with the GDPR out of professional curiosity or necessity, there are a few apps that allow working with the GDPR on a smartphone or tablet.

In this article, we offer an overview of all GDRP Apps we found on Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. All apps are available for free and most of the texts only have to be downloaded once. Afterwards, they are available offline, as well. Are those apps helpful, useless, or even confusing? We took a closer look at them for you.

(This article has been updated, October 2018)

Overview of the GDPR Tools in this Article

  • App GDPR Guide: Extensive explanation in non legal English. This app is our favourite!
  • App DLA Piper GDPR: GDPR full text in 13 languages.
  • App GDPR: The Complete Guide: Additional information about the GDPR. Great for deeper initial training.
  • App GDPRnow: Creates an individual action plan for your company (based on a multiple choice form).
  • App GDPR Resource Center: GDPR full text search in 7 languages.
  • App EU Data Protection: Official app of the EDPS.
  • App smart privacy: Checklist (careful: a bit buggy).

GDPR Guide (Android)

DSGVO-Tool: GDPR Guide (App for iOS & Android) Download this GDPR tool in Google Play Store

This app is offered by Mason Hayes & Curran, a law office based in Ireland. Their humorous Twitter account is worth a click!

Our favourite page in the app is „What does the GDPR mean for…?“. On this page you will find detailled information for different industries and fields, such as contracting, compliance & risk management, human resource managers, technology driven businesses, disputes/litigation, and public sector bodies. Every segment is enriched with descriptive texts and links to the relevant articles and recitals of the GDPR. Dealing with the General Data Protection Regulation is normally not the definition of fun. But this app comes close.

  • Additional information in non-law English
  • Case studies on different aspects of the GDPR
  • Charts and diagrams
  • Text in English

DLA Piper GDPR (App for iOS & Android)

DSGVO-Tool: DLA Piper GDPR (App for iOS & Android) Download this GDPR tool in Google Play Store Download this GDPR tool in App Store

In this app you can read the GDPR and use full text search in thirteen different languages. DLA PIPER has created a good user experience through intuitive design, and built a logic navigation. We like!

  • Full text search in thirteen languages
  • Comfortable internal linking of articles and recitals

GDPR The Complete Guide (App für iOS & Android)

DSGVO-Tool: GDPR The Complete Guide (App for iOS & Android) Download this GDPR tool in Google Play Store Download this GDPR tool in App Store

Fieldfisher, the vendor of this app, is a European law firm with international focus. This is why their GDPR app is filled with a lot (!) of useful Information. We say: A very helpful GDPR tool for everyone who plans or needs deeper initial training.

  • GDPR full text
  • Countdown until GDPR becomes effective
  • Links to „Fieldfisher’s Privacy, Security and Information Law Blog“
  • GDPR guidelines
  • GDPR checklist
  • Text in English

GDPRnow (App für iOS & Android)

DSGVO-Tool: GDPRnow (App for iOS & Android) Download this GDPR tool in Google Play Store Download this GDPR tool in App Store Download this GDPR tool at Microsoft

The law firm Hogan Lovells calls their app "My GDPR Plan". Based on the answers of a short form inside the app, it provides you with a list of practical actions and priorities to prepare for compliance with the GDPR. The compiled action plan can be downloaded as a PDF document. Opening the plan inside the app did not work when we tried it out on our tablet. Additionally, every interesting article linked inside the app is a PDF download. This immediately fills your local storage which is annoying. But the content makes it worth it. We also found some pages inside the app that you cannot scroll until the end of the text.

  • Provides a personalized action plan
  • Contains links to different reports around different aspects of the GDPR
  • Contains links to the data protection blog wich we highly recommend
  • Text in English

GDPR Resource Center (App for iOS & Android)

DSGVO-Tool: GDPR Resource Center (App for iOS & Android) Download this GDPR tool in Google Play Store Download this GDPR tool in App Store

This app offers full text search as well. DLO PIPER (see above) offers thirteen languages, this app only six. But on the pro side: You can set bookmarks. This makes reading, leraning and checking the GDPR much more comfortable.

  • Full text GDPR including full text search
  • Bookmarks
  • Languages: German, Spain, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish
  • Countdown until GDPR becomes effective
  • Links to the most popular data protection blogs

EU Data Protection (App for iOS & Android)

DSGVO-Tool: EU Data Protection - The official App (iOS & Android) Official GDPR app, provided by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). Download this GDPR tool in Google Play Store Download this GDPR tool in App Store

DSGVO android home

This GDPR app is available for iOS and Android. It contains four official texts, for example the old regulation from 1995, and of course the new GDPR. You can view up to two text simultaneously, which makes a comparison of the two regulations simple.

DSGVO android text

The comparison feature is very practical, since the paragraphs that are related thematically are displayed right next to each other. You will not miss any changes, for example, if something had been added to the new regulation, or when the wording had changed. The menu that is visible in the screenshot above can be removed and brought back by clicking on the three dots on the right.

Additionally, you can add notes and comments, which appear at the end of the paragraph you wanted to comment on. Bookmarking important paragraphs is possible as well. Thanks to them, you can easily find important paragraphs when you come back to the app at a later point.

If you want to find your comments just as conveniently as your important paragraphs, you should bookmark each comment, too. Sadly, there are no shortcuts for comments.

Another practical feature is the search bar for the entire text. It allows you to navigate to certain topics quickly, provided you know exactly what you are looking for.

DSGVO android search

The list of contents is a great addition to the official publication of the EU. It simplifies working with the GDPR immensely and gives you a quick overview of the extensive document.

Conclusion: This app offers some great additional features that simplify working with the GDPR on mobile devices. Especially the comparison feature, bookmarks and document-wide search enables you to orientate yourself in the text.

smart privacy (App for iOS & Android)

DSGVO-Tool: smart privacy (App for iOS & Android) Download this GDPR tool in Google Play Store Download this GDPR tool in App Store

The main and only content of this app is a GDPR checklist. You can answer questions to get an overview in wich sections your company ist GDPR-ready and in wich it is not. This could be a useful GDPR tool. Unfortunately the app deletes all your answers if you turn or shake the tablet. With a small gesture you loose the work of (at least) half an hour. Either you are very careful when you show the results to your collegues or you wait until the app gets updated. We will rather wait for the latter.

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