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5 Top IT Security Events 2022

For your annual planning in 2022, we have created an overview of the most important IT security events. With us, you can find out whether the event is planned in presence or online (or both). We give you a short overview and the most important links for each event. Our team from Boxcryptor will also be present at some events, and is looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.

1 Privacy Camp, January 25, 2022

The first conference in 2022 is a special one. The Privacy Camp celebrates its anniversary. It has been ten years since the conference started the day before the CPDP in Brussels, which will be covered below. Therefore, the next event is mainly a recap of the successes and achievements of the past decade.

As an annual venue for European advocates, activists, and academics in digital rights with policymakers, the event guarantees an interesting and comprehensive dialog about the “pressing issues facing human rights online”. Additionally, there are lots of side events, such as panel discussions and interesting expert talks. The main topics, as data privacy and IT security are covered in around 13 presentations.

These subjects will most likely be focused also in the conference’s workshops. The workshops are interactively managed sessions, where deep insights into specific, current subjects are taught by leading experts. You can register for the conference from December on. It is free and held online via Big Blue Button.

The Privacy Camp is an insider tip for everybody interested in digital privacy, personal rights, and security. End users as well as policy makers and industry experts are involved. The Camp just takes place for one day but it appears in an interactive and diversified glance.

2 CPDP (Computers, Privacy & Data Protection), May 23 - 25, 2022

The conference that cooperates with the Privacy Camp will hold a hybrid concept next year: On the one hand, you can attend the event physically, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to get virtual access for the second day of the event.
The main subject this year will be data protection and privacy in transitional times. In short, this regards the security of the digital infrastructure, which has been massively enlarged and established during the pandemic. Additionally, this is seen as a crucial point to recreate the future of the digital economy.

Additionally, data security will be an influencing factor in this process. Last year, there were over 500 guest speakers, and about 80 panel discussions on the CPDP. For next year, these figures are intended to be outnumbered. The schedule is supported by several side events, like roundtables for professional exchange in a vis-à-vis environment, or smaller presentations.

CPDP is one of the IT conferences with international attraction. Recently, their partners included companies like Microsoft, Intel, Google, or Facebook. Even the Data Protection Department of the European Union is a recurring guest. Therefore, guest speakers mainly address their talks to the global context of IT security. Especially the dissonance between the GDPR and data protection laws outside of Europe brings a lot of variation.

3 RSA Conference, June 06 - 09, 2022

With over 45,000 visitors per year, the RSA is one of the most notable IT security events in the world. More than 300 exhibitors meet each other in San Francisco in order to discuss the sector’s perspectives collectively. This time, everything will be about technical transformation. This also includes forecasts on the sector’s future threats and opportunities, like hacking attacks and upcoming political changes. Also included are, of course, all topic areas of data security and encryption.

Moreover, there is a huge framework program: The opportunity to participate at “LearningLabs”, where experts face complex problems of cyber security by introducing innovative solutions. You can join one of the seven sandboxes, each uniquely fitted to newcomer topics of digital security, which can be experienced interactively.
However, the possibly most popular feature is the welcome reception, where you are able to connect with like-minded people in a comfortable atmosphere.

Guest speakers include, for example, Razi Rais and Jas Suri, both Senior Program Managers of Microsoft. Further well-known companies like Warner Media or Cisco have already confirmed their representers, as well. The full list of speakers is published on the RSA homepage.

The RSA Conference is always worth a visit. In fact, it is one of the most influencing events for players, consumers, and experts. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has begun, the RSA has complimentary offered a digital pass for the conference in case you do not want to attend the conference in person. Regardless of which pass you purchase, think of visiting stand 5671 in the international pavilion. We would like to welcome and get to know you.

4 Infosecurity Europe, June 21 - 23, 2022

The Infosecurity Europe is known as a meeting place for the cybersecurity community. Here, networks are cultivated, and new products and technologies are presented.

While the conference in June will take place in London as usual, the virtual event will be held on October 12, as part of the Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Speakers will include, for example, Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft or Jenny Radcliffe, founder and director of Human Factor Security.

The conference's final program is not published yet but will surely focus on the crucial innovations of the Cybersecurity sector. Therefore, the conference will provide 9 stages which are thematically placed around the interests of the exhibitors and visitors. There will be two showcases for technology and innovations, as well as talks in technics, strategy, and security.

The exhibitor list is also not complete yet. However, there are already over 90 committed participators, including Cisco, Yubico, and the Maryland Department of Commerce.

To round off the conference, the organizers will offer additional side events, like the Round Table Discussions off the record, where you can discuss crucial issues of the sector in a private environment. In the Leaders Lounge, you can join interesting discussions about cybersecurity strategies and the latest technologies and solutions in your field.

Moreover, the competition of the most innovative small or middle-sized enterprise will take place again.

The Infosecurity Europe Conference attracts visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. With its forward-oriented agenda, leaders and experts of IT security come together, network, and bring each other up to speed. You can visit the Boxcryptor stand on site in London as part of the Bavarian pavilion. We are looking forward to meeting you.

5 it-sa Expo & Congress, October 25 - 27, 2022

In Germany, the it-sa is one of the major events in IT security. With its constant growth in the last years, it has also become relevant across national borders. Now, the exhibition expects to welcome an increasingly international audience in Nurnberg. The main subjects are trends and innovations in IT security, which includes hardware solutions as well as research, consulting, and other service products.

The products and solutions will be presented by 300 exhibitors. Specific side events are not fully published yet. However, it is already known that there will once again be an area for startups.

Apart from this, the expo’s intention is to guarantee an intensive and professional discussion about issues in IT security. This will be reached by a large variety of panel discussions and congress presentations by national and international guests.

A brand new, COVID-19 caused feature of the event is it-sa 365: A virtual dialogue platform for IT security experts. The registration for exhibitors is free, and users can interact with other sector professionals the entire year. In addition, you can see over 130 highlights of the last exhibition.

As a company situated in southern Germany, of course, we will also exhibit at the it-sa Nurnberg. Even if there is no detailed program information, you can be sure that the Boxcryptor-Team will be there. Come and visit us in Nurnberg.


The year 2022 will offer a broad platform for IT security, data protection, and encryption. These subjects will get even more important in the upcoming future. In the exhibition area, as well as in discussions, presentations, or workshops, there are always capacities and a warm welcome for interested visitors, experts, and other guests. We would be happy if you decide to get to know our team in person. We are looking forward to your visit.

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