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Students can save 25 % on a Boxcryptor Personal plan.

Encryption During Studies — Student Discount for Boxcryptor

Summary: Students can benefit from a student discount when using Boxcryptor. In this article, you will learn how to take advantage of the discount and keep your data secure through encryption.

When Do Students Have Sensitive Files?

In lectures, whether in class or online, virtually everyone uses their own laptop, tablet, or even smartphone to follow scripts and take notes. Some universities and colleges are equipping their students with Microsoft 365 or provide them with a cloud (e.g. Nextcloud), amongst other things.

Those who decide to upload their documents to one of these clouds rarely consider how securely their data is stored. It could be argued that a student hardly has any sensitive data that could be of interest to a potential hacker.
However, many professors, for example, point out that their documents should not be freely distributed on the internet and are usually even protected by data protection laws.

But not only the script, each student will have to experience at least once the need to write an assignment, seminar paper or other work. At the latest with the Bachelor or Master thesis a document must be written, saved, and submitted. But where do I best store my documents?

Store Important Study Documents Encrypted in the Cloud

The provided Microsoft 365 program makes it possible to store data either in OneDrive or the cloud provided by the college or university. However, it should be noted that not every cloud provider protects files with end-to-end encryption by default. Important documents should always be encrypted by yourself before uploading them. This ensures that your documents can only be viewed and used by you.

In general, it is worthwhile to store documents not only on the device locally. If the device breaks, gets stolen, or lost, data that was not previously uploaded to a cloud is gone. Cloud storages, on the other hand, are physically invulnerable. Furthermore, the fact that you can work and access data on several devices simultaneously is very practical.

But using a cloud is also a good idea for private pictures, videos, or other documents. For example, files can be made available for viewing directly from a cell phone to a laptop. However, it is important to note that these files must be protected with end-to-end encryption beforehand.

How to Securely Encrypt Documents and Files

Encrypting files securely is easier than one might think. A few seconds and two mouse clicks are required to protect documents from unauthorized access. Boxcryptor automatically recognizes the cloud used and thus enables easy access even for students without extensive computer knowledge.

Which documents and folders are encrypted is entirely up to the user. Fellow students without Boxcryptor can receive encrypted files — for example, group work or presentations — very easy via the integrated Whisply function. Files can be sent via the browser with a link but remain protected by end-to-end encryption. Additionally, the link can be fitted with a second factor (PIN or password) to ensure that only authorized persons have access.

How Much Is the Student Discount With Boxcryptor?

Since students receive a discount of 25% on the Boxcryptor Personal plan, costs are limited to only € 2.25 ($3 USD) per month. Boxcryptor is thus far cheaper than Netflix, for example. People streaming on Netflix for three months pay approximately as much as for an annual Boxcryptor personal plan with student discount. With the big difference that Boxcryptor has no access to your data and does not create a user profile where every click is evaluated. We concentrate on helping our users to encrypt their documents effectively.

Security should not blow up the individual budget, which is why Boxcryptor plans are kept as cheap as possible. This way, students can decide between the Boxcryptor Free or Boxcryptor Personal plan, the one with a larger function range.

How to Get the Student Discount for Boxcryptor

Protecting yourself against unauthorized access to your data does not have to be complicated. Students who are interested in our Boxcryptor Personal plan with 25% student discount can follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download Boxcryptor.
  2. Create a Boxcryptor Account.
  3. Send a picture of your student ID or your valid certificate of enrollment to: sales@boxcryptor.com. You will then receive your__ personal discount code__ from us.
  4. Enter this code in the payment condition: “Redeem Coupon Code” and press “Update”.
  5. Your data can now be securely encrypted with Boxcryptor.
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