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Gerardo Hidalgo (NovoGenio)
Dr. Gerardo Hidalgo



Why NovoGenio uses Boxcryptor on its internal as well as external servers

NovoGenio is a Spanish company located in the Mediterranean city of Cartagena. They are specialized in the manufacture of polymeric films for different industries like renewable energies, ballistics, smart glasses and aeronautics. NovoGenio works tightly with clients and partners in the design and conception of their new products. Therefore, they have access to valuable information about both its products and its contacts that no one would want it to fall into the hands of external parties. For this reason, they needed to protect it in some way. How? By encrypting it.

We have talked to Dr. Gerardo Hidalgo, CEO of NovoGenio, about how they started using Boxcryptor and what the process has been like for him and his employees.

Since 2018, this Spanish company has opted to secure its data with encryption to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They needed to protect information outside their servers and minimize the risk of technical and business information leaks. One day just surfing in Internet, they found the perfect solution: Boxcryptor.

Privacy and data protection for NovoGenio is critical. Company information is one of our top priorities

The company started out using 10 licenses. After being guided by Boxcryptor staff (customer service) during the implementation process of the encryption software, learning to use its features such as the Master Key, Gerardo Hidalgo explains that it was pretty easy for everybody in the company to get used to the software.

Soon they decided to expand the number of licenses in their plan. Today, every single employee in every department uses it, so the company ensures that no one shares information with anyone else in the company without it being properly encrypted.

The CEO of NovoGenio assures that he would recommend the software to any kind of company interested in having an extra level of security and thinks that it would be very helpful for any company departments and all kind of industry.